Monday, October 29, 2007

Why did Nestor step aside?

Cristina Fernandez Kirchner will replace her husband Nestor Kirchner as the president of Argentina, though he was eligible to run for another term. Speculation runs rampant as to why.

Some think it is possible he did not want her to wave to the tiny crowds so vigorously that she would inadvertently swat him into the cheap seats.

In reality, this is El Presidente waving in front of a large backdrop picture of his wife. She is neither gigantic or even a child bride, the age difference being a mere three years. In pictures, she could be a lot younger, but it she might have had some work done or at least some botox, while he hasn't had any and might could use some.

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dguzman said...

How weird. I wonder what's really going on. (besides the swatting in the ass)

Matty Boy said...

Undisclosed health reasons is the most popular rumor.

I think the swatting would be more "upside the head" than "in the ass", but that's just me.