Wednesday, November 7, 2007

And now for something completely different...

A cute overload lolz.

This might be a collage. It's an awfully lucky snapshot if it's real, but in any case, I think we don't need to do a poll on this one. Yes, Mr. Ground Squirrel, you can has gurlfrend. If there was a Ground Squirrel edition of Teen Scream or Tiger Beat or Non-Threatening Boys, you would be the cover boy so often, even Lief Garrett, Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom and Nick Carter would have to step aside and give you the crown as the cutest male evah!

(I felt a little bad about a post all about murder, car crashes and suicide, with math thrown in on top. Just a little bonus for my faithful readers.)

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FranIAm said...

Matty- always so thoughtful.

dguzman said...

Thanks, Matty!