Saturday, November 3, 2007

Cute Girls and Math

Yay, Domincan Republic! Obviously, some future major league shortstop came by to find out more about the crazy gringos he will be hanging out with when he gets to Los Estado Unidos.

These cute girls are Danica McKellar, who played Winnie on the TV show The Wonder Years, and Natalie Portman, who is so damned adorable she is adorable even with her head shaved, as witnessed in V for Vendetta. Besides being really cute former child stars with no criminal record, what do Ms. McKellar and Ms. Portman have in common?

Math, that's what!

Danica went to UCLA and got her degree in math. She's even the co-author of a paper published in a major U.K. physics journal. She has also written a book called Math Doesn't Suck, aimed at getting girls through middle school math.

Ms. Portman, between movie shoots, took a month to be the guest editor of Scholastic Math Magazine, whose audience is also kids in middle school and beyond. I applaud both these young ladies for their efforts to make math cooler for kids who are born to love math and to get some who would enjoy the topic if they gave it a shot a chance to get off the fence.

As someone who got his bachelor's degree in the 1970's and his master's this decade, I can say from personal experience that the number of cute girls in math is increasing. When dealing with upper division and graduate courses, there are a lot more females in math courses now than there were thirty years ago, and quite a few of them are really cute. I was able to find some pictures of some of my students and classmates from both Cal State Hayward and UC Davis on the Internets, but I haven't been in touch with them in several years, so I decided not to publish their pictures without permission.

But, honestly, really cute girls who were good at math. I had an excellent student who had a shaved head and was more adorable than Natalie Portman with a shaved head.

You will now think "Matty Boy, you lyin' bastid!" But I swear on the blessed soul of Leonhard Euler that what I say is the truth.

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FranIAm said...

All I can say, without revealing too much, is this...

Despite my complete inadequacy with numbers 'n stuff, I work for a statistics company. No shit. Hey someone has to go sell crap and train clients - Hi Distributorcap! If someone were really smart, they might be able to figger out just who my employer is.

Anyway, my time in that place grows short, so let's keep my employment private.

As usual, I digress into a ramble. My point is that there are not shortage of math majors at our place.

And more than a few of the newbie younger ones could have alternate careers as gigantic child brides. Really pretty, math-doin' gigantic child brides!

Matty Boy said...

I will say that of all my cute good math students and/or classmates, not a one would qualify as a gigantic child bride for me.

Child bride, yes. Gigantic... not so much.

I admit the oddity that the gigantic female fetish entails, but I want to say that I am not blind to female attractiveness under 5' 11" tall (that's 1m80 for my readers outside the U.S.)

Some of my female readers, some married, some Lebanese, worry that Matty Boy would be dismissive of them because of their stature. Rest assured that nothing could be further from the truth.

dguzman said...

NO ONE is cuter with a shaved head than my Natalie Portman! You take that back, ya lyin' bastidd!

Matty Boy said...

Honest to Lenny, she had more personality and a lovely face that could get away with the shaved head look.

More than that, I cannot say.