Wednesday, November 14, 2007

A gigantic child bride interlude (with bonus lolz cats)

Matty Boy, some might plea! Sure, you loves the math. Gotta loves the math. But what about your bread, your butter, your marmalade?

Where's the gigantic child brides? Where's the lolz cats?

Okay, fair enough. Emmanuelle Seigner and her tiny elderly husband Roman Polanski. She was 23 when they married. He was 55. She is supposedly three inches taller than he is, but only if you believe he is 5'5" tall.

Are gigantic child brides loyal? Data indicates they are, for the most part. The Polanskis have been married 18 years and have two kids. One hopes they inherited their father's drive and their mother's good looks.

And of course, a lolz cat. Amazingly, this blog is #9 and #10 on the Google when you type in lolz cats, which I think is completely insane because I am but a gleaner of these fine creations. I have made three, count them three lolz in my entire life, and only one was a lolz cat. (The others were lolz Laura and a lolz babybee hobbitesez, which some loyal readers may remember.)

I have a weakness for lolz with split captions, especially when the second half is a good punchline, like this one.


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dguzman said...

It's like watching Perlman play the violin. You're the master.

Matty Boy said...

Thanks. UR2 kind.

I have twice written that gigantic child brides are in general loyal, but I should really say that the men who marry these youthful, towering Venuses tend to be loyal.

Because as we know, men are dogs, but not in a good way.