Friday, November 30, 2007

Internet Eye Wash Station #2

Two days in a row complaining about our current regime is at least one too many for me, so I give my gentle readers and myself a little break from that stuff with pictures of pretty girls. To be precise, two pictures of the same pretty girl, Ms. Indira Varma.

Matty Boy, some might ask. What is your obsession with Ms. Varma? She isn't gigantic. She's just another actress.

Don't get on my nerves, hypothetical question asker! The only legal uses of the word "just" in a sentence about Ms. Varma are:

1) Ms. Varma is just about as pretty as pretty girls get.

2) If Ms. Varma were to chance upon this humble blog one day, and a smile played on her lovely lips, it would be right and just.

I don't know where the first picture is from. I think it's a general publicity still, or it may be from her time as a model before she got into acting.

This second picture is from her very first film, Mira Nair's 1996 film Kama Sutra: A Tale of Love. Is this a good film, you might ask?

Indira Varma gets naked with Naveen Andrews. You get to decide if that's a good thing or not.

Isn't she pretty in this picture? Doesn't she smell nice?

[psst! Matty Boy! You can't smell people on the Internet, which is probably a good thing in general.]

Use your imagination, hypothetical! How else is she going to smell?

And it's Friday, so let's get to the Random 10.

They Called It Rock Nick Lowe
Clubland Elvis Costello & The Attractions
Sunny Afternoon The Kinks
Sex and Drugs and Rock and Roll Ian Dury
English Roundabout XTC
Alice Tom Waits
Don’t Forget to Smile Mose Allison
Particle Man They Might Be Giants
She Said She Said The Beatles
Raspberry Beret Prince

The Brits dominate this week, but we also have visits from Tom Waits at his most wistful, Mose Allison at his most sardonic, They Might Be Giants gettin' all scientific and stuff, and Prince singing about meeting a pretty girl and having sex with her. What are the odds?

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dguzman said...

Here's hoping you meet Indira wearing a raspberry beret (the kind you find in a second-hand store), and you're driving your little red corvette, so you party like it's 1999.

Padre Mickey said...

Actually, Ms. Varma is quite tall for a Bollywood actress, so I think she meets your height requirements.
I prefers the tiny little Rani Mukherji, personally.
Nice random ten.

Matty Boy said...

Dat's true, Padre. Ms. Varma was all tall and snooty as Ms. Bingley in Bride and Prejudice. Still, not gigantic by my standards, which will be discussed more mathematically tomorrow.

dg, I'm not really a stalker, though I play one on the Internets. As a mathematician, I have a very good idea of my true odds of having sex with Indira Varma.


Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

Thanks for a dose of Indira, she's good for whatever ails me.

Matty Boy said...

I'm sure there's a doctoral thesis in the study of the curative powers of Ms. Varma. But you're a doc already, Doc, so there's no need telling you this.