Saturday, November 3, 2007

A lolz so bad, it's good

About two months ago, I 'splained the difference between good lolz, bad lolz and cute overload lolz. By those definitions, there is no question. This is a bad lolz.

Matty Boy, goes up the plaintive cry! Arbiter and 'Splainer! Why would you define a bad lolz, then subject your loyal readers to one such thing?

Good question.

First, bad lolz are an affront to the diginity of the critter in the pitcher. This is a puppy, and as we know, puppies have no dignity. They have boundless energy and desire to be loved, but it's a while before they grow into dignity, which grown dogs have in abundance.

Second, all you have to do is read the caption here out loud, saying the word "not" about an octave higher than the rest of the sentence. Do this and I promise... comedy gold!

When comedy gold is involved, sometimes dignity must take a back seat. Or sometimes, dignity must be stashed in the trunk like a teen sneaking into a drive-in movie.

Comedy gold is a harsh mistress.

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FranIAm said...

So Comedy Gold is a harsh mistress.

Am I then to believe that she is also a gigantic one?

Please 'splain.

Matty Boy said...

So far I have not been shy.

When I think it's about the gigantic, I'll let you know.

dguzman said...

See, I thought it could've been improved by sticking with the actual text from $6 Million Man: "We kan rebuld him! We have teknologee!" The puppy's cute enough to pull it off.