Monday, November 5, 2007

Maybe we're missing the point.

Andy Reid, head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles, is in the middle of a publicity shit storm you wouldn't wish on anyone. His sons Garrett and Britt, ages 24 and 22, have been found guilty of multiple drug charges while living under their father's roof. Most commentators who look at this nasty situation put the blame on Andy Reid, the workaholic absentee father.

Here's another possibility. Maybe it isn't the quantity of time he spends with his family. Maybe it's the quality. Maybe it's that one of the kids got hooked on painkillers after a football injury in high school. Maybe it's that one of them is a steroids abuser.

Maybe it's not that dad wasn't there enough. Maybe it's that the culture dad is in charge of at work set a bad example for the kids.

Drugs in sports around the world are an epidemic curse, especially in the professional ranks. American professional sports look clean because none of them is making any serious effort to catch any of their drug abusers, the numbers of which probably run in the hundreds.

Any professional athlete in this country who gets caught for drugs by a league sanctioned test does not deserve to be fined or suspended. He deserves to be sterilized for being TOO ROCK FUCKING STUPID TO BREED!

Sports journalists in this country are, on the whole, pimps with the IQs of invertebrates. They won't report what is front of their eyes until the cops bust in, and even then, they will not pass judgment until the case goes all the way through the bowels of the criminal justice system.

As I said in the title, maybe we're missing the point. Maybe absentee father Andy Reid isn't the problem. Maybe all too present father Andy Reid is the problem. Maybe kids who see the system that pays their dad millions of dollars on the backs of drugged up and disposable heroes are learning lessons out of school in the real world, not unlike the education the sons of mobsters on The Sopranos get in the fictional world.

Not that I feel strongly about this.

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dguzman said...

Matty, you rock my world, man. Great post, especially the part about the sportswriters--they're al just ass-kissing hero-worshippers who want to talk like that idiot Stuart Scott and get face-time on ESPN.

Everyone involved in sports is pretty much an a-hole in a rotten-to-the-core system, from the pros on down to the Olympics through the Pop Warner and pee-wee football kids. And it breaks my fecking heart to know that. I can't even bear to watch sports anymore because of it. I'll always love the games, but I'll hate all the players until the governing bodies TRULY clean up the sports. Until then, we'll just get story after story like this one--whether it's coaches' kids or athletes or whatever -- drugs will continue to be a part of sports.

sfmike said...

I'm just glad you don't feel strongly about this. If you did, then you'd probably have to take some drugs just to calm down.

Matty Boy said...

Oh, mike, you are the funny guy. Ya know happens to funny guys?

I keed. I keed because I luv.

I agree with you, dg. I still watch sports and enjoy the competition and the drama of it. A close game between good teams, like the Pats and the Colts yesterday, or a breakout performance, like Adrian Peterson breaking the NFL record for yards rushing in his eighth game of his rookie year, are compulsively entertaining to me. I can easily get caught up in the game and forget about the general corruption. But the corruption is never too far away, sadly, and none of the sports shown on TV are actually clean.

jolie said...

the san antonio spurs is a great example of how a truly talented team can be overlooked regularly by sports writers. and the reason? well, they SAY it's cuz the market is small, but I think it's cuz none of the players has a rap sheet.

what they do have are great shots, consistency, splendid teamwork, and a fine, fine coach.

FranIAm said...

Brilliant feckin' post my man. Wow.

As with oil, presidential politics and so much more, it is all about money.

Which sucks.

dguzman said...

Jolie's right about the Spurs--though I'd add their old tendency to choke during the pre-Tim Duncan era.

Zoey & Me said...

All that work away from being a good Dad and hey, the Eagles are what? 3 and 4? Looks to me like he's not putting enough time in at work Matty.