Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Mock not the supermodel

Less than two weeks ago, Matty Boy, investment advisor to the stars*, noted that the Canadian dollar had been going great guns since the beginning of the year vis-a-vis the post-Greenspan Greenback. At about the same time, it was leaked that Gisele B√ľndchen, Brazilian supermodel and consort to Patriots' quarterback Tom Brady, would only take work if paid in Euros, not dollars. Here is what has happened to the three currencies that are currently trading for more than a buck each, and how much they have risen against the dollar since New Year's.

Canadian dollar: was up 25.6%, now up 19.3%
Euro: was up 13.0%, now up 14.2%
British pound: was up 6.2%, now up 4.1%

Yes, Matty Boy may be able to discern what has happened in the past, but a quick flash of Ms. B√ľndchen's golden hind can make things happen in the present! Gold, silver and the Dow Jones have also taken hits since the supermodel has spoken. The evidence is strong**.

Still, the investment ideas of one very attractive young woman does change the entire world. There is still crude oil, the truly addictive substance of the world's economy.

Crude oil was up 70.6% for the year. It's now up 74.6%. This is less than two weeks later.

* Gotta say it again. Matty Boy knows no stars, and no one takes his investment advice. Boy's crazy, I'm tellin' ya!

** No causation can be inferred.

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Matty Boy said...

According to the information given to me by the site meter thingy, no one is leaving comments about this post, but several people are clicking on the picture of Gisele to get the larger version.

I guess they just want a little quiet time.

Karla said...

Dey luvs dat botum.

Matty Boy said...

I am a late convert to the beauty of the butt, and even still, I have to say that Gisele's is tip-top A-#1.

A huge number of the pictures of her are variations on a pose I call "Are you staring at my butt, and if not, why not?"

no_slappz said...

Ah, the financial wisdom of supermodels. This is the latest form of insight to gather attention in the popular press.

These pronouncements have a colorful history. One of the best known is the observation attributed to Joe Kennedy Sr, who claimed he knew the great stockmarket Crash of '29 was imminent when his shoeshine boy began giving him stock tips.

Gisele may become known as the leading contra-indicator for a rebounding dollar and a falling Euro.

In fact, we may see the emergence of a new market indicator to rival or replace the Super Bowl Indicator, which predicts the rise or fall of the Dow based on the origins of the Super Bowl winner.

Now that a Super Model and a Super Bowl player are combining their predictive abilities to forecast the future of life on Earth, I'd say we have nothing to worry about.

However, I can't be sure about the impact of illegitimate offspring born to the Super Bowl player and a different model/actress. The alternative model might offer different financial pronouncements and prognostications whose predictive value we have yet to determine. In fact, it is rumored that Bridget Moynihan urged investors to buy Google in its IPO. But that advice was offerred only to select clients of Goldman Sachs. I believe Gisele missed that one.

Therefore, if Tom Brady had stuck with Bridget, he'd likely be up a lot more based on her abilities in the realm of making dreams come true.

There was a time, a couple of decades ago, when the Yen was the currency generating odorizing fear in financial circles.

Today, the government of China is manipulating world currency markets by refusing to allow the Yuan to trade freely. But China cannot play that game much longer.

I will know China's capacity to conquer world markets has ended when Gisele demands payment in Yuan.

Will Tom Brady demand his paycheck in Euros? That would be funny.

dguzman said...

Oy vey, Slappy's trying to be funny up there.

But I digress. What I really wanted to say was
Thank you for posting that photo.