Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Dictator? Democrat? We report, you decide.

Here we have pictures of Huggable Hugo Chávez and Vladimir "Pootie Poot" Putin. Each of them had elections this weekend.

The election in Venezuela did not go the way Chávez wanted it to, and that terrible tyrant actually reported the numbers and has said he will live by the outcome. Oh, what a terrible tyrant! For an analysis from somebody with a better idea of life on Latin America, check out Padre Mickey's post from yesterday which covers multiple topics, including a discussion of Chávez.

Then there's Pootie Poot! How did his election go? Very, very well! A-1 tip top as far as Pootie Poot and his ruling coalition are concerned. Who cares if dirty German election observers say it wasn't "a fair election"? Putin's TV stations have reported that Putin's election officials have counted the ballots that show Putin's party won in a landslide. What's unfair about that?

Oh yeah, and even though there are term limits in Russia, Putin would like to stay on in some advisory role called "national leader" after his time is up this spring. He probably will get to do this as the leader of the party that runs the country.

That's fair, isn't it?

Let's recall that George W. Bush looked into Putin's soul early in his administration and saw that he was a good guy. Is looking into souls anything like reading people's auras? Because I'm pretty sure that New Age stuff doesn't work.

What do Huggable Hugo and Pootie Poot have in common? Certainly not how they look when they take off their shirts. Certainly not their heads of wavy hair. What they have in common is they have a lot of oil in their countries and right now, they don't like the U.S. very much.

I once put words in Pootie Poot's mouth in a picture when he was standing next to our president. Let's recall that fake quote now, shall we?

"Look, you ran baseball team. I ran KGB. Stop the fuckings with me."

Is it Luxembourg?
You damn betcha it's Luxembourg!

Is it Qatar?
Why, yes it is!

What's the Flags of Many Lands total now? 95 and counting, baby! Yay!

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dguzman said...

"That Russian election sounds just as fair as the ones we have here in the good ole US of A! And that's A-OK by me!"-GWBush, soul-seer and overall fecking moron.

Padre Mickey said...

I am listening to the Pres'nit on the radio right now, and boy, there are going to be spankings and coal in stockings for the Democrats if they don't do what he says! Also, he's trying to bluff everyone on the Iran thang by talking about sticks and carrots, or maybe it's carrot sticks.

Oh, you may want to kill me, but I tagged you for that music meme. Check it out at the Dance Party.

Anonymous said...

Everybody that has oil hates us just like everybody else who don't.

Padre Mickey said...

In regards to the flag (so-called) of Qatar, is that a flag or the results of a litmus test?

Matty Boy said...

Qatar and Bashrain both look like a white flag dipped in a vat of something with a jagged line created by some batik process.

Some people put some effort into designing THEIR national flag and some people don't.

This reminds me of Paul Lynde's impression of Betsy Ross talking to George Washington.

"Diya think it's too busy?"