Sunday, December 9, 2007

Hatin' On Commercials: Volume 5

Cadillac has several different ads for their sports sedan, the Cadillac CTS. Most of them are some play on the words "When you turn on your car, does it return the favor?" I have no problem with these ads.

Another ad has a stubble faced male model yammering about setting one's self apart from the crowd. He uses the proverb of the nail that sticks up is hammered down. He cleverly posits that this is not a problem if you think of yourself as the hammer instead of the nail, and the visual that accompanies this lovely sentiment is the car traveling way too fast on the standard empty road that every car travels in every commercial.

Thanks, Cadillac! When you are trying to persuade people to climb into two tons of metal capable of moving at high speed, it's the socially responsible thing to have them think of themselves as a hammer.

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FranIAm said...

What is that old canard that says something to the effect of "if the only tool you have is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail?"

Yeah, like that.

dguzman said...

I think they already think of themselves as hammers. I know I do--as in, "dumb as a box of hammers."

I knew someone who had one of those HUGE Escalades, and she was backing into a parking spot and drove up onto a little compact car. She just kept gunning it, the ass of the car climbing higher and higher in the air. She finally got out, convinced that was as good as her parking job was gonna get, and when she saw what she'd done (crushed the compact), she just laughed and said, "I knew something was wrong. I just figured it was the curb." Fucking idiot.

I often wonder why so many people look to their cars for their sense of worth. Pretty pathetic.