Saturday, December 22, 2007

Not playing the same game

According to book sales figures, Ann Coulter's latest book is lagging far behind in sales compared to her previous works. (I prettied up the cover a little before publishing it here.) It has currently sold less than 100,000 copies, while her most recent previous book, Evil Stupid Dumb Dumb Democrats, (or something like that), sold over 200,000 copies in the same amount of time.

While it's pleasant news that her act is losing favor, the point I want to make here is that conservative book sales are playing a different game from other book sales. If you go to some conservative website, there will always be an ad for "Get xxxx's new book free for joining!" You don't see similar ads on progressive sights. These books are obviously being bought in bulk by organizations as loss leaders to lure suckers in. Nothing illegal about it, unlike when Speaker Jim Wright's book was being bought by the trainload by lobbyists with a love for literature. But just as no one will now say that every one of Barry Bonds' home runs should count the same as every one of Hank Aaron's, likewise every Bill O'Reilly tome that leaves the publisher's warehouse shouldn't count the same as every book that Al Gore or Paul Krugman or other progressive writers can sell.

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dguzman said...

I'm guessing mAnn's face was on there, and you oh-so-thoughtfully rubbed it out. You're so thoughtful! Otherwise we would definitely have needed lots of internet eyewash . . . of course, you can always just put up those trademark collarbones any old time you want. . .

Matty Boy said...

I promise on Christmas Day all three of the pillars... pretty girls, babies and lolz cats.

(A new pretty girl added to the Matty Boy list, and don't anticipate a lot of complaints.)

Distributorcap said...

mAnn is not one of the pretty girls i hope