Monday, December 24, 2007

Opening prezzies on Krimble Eve

Every family has different rules. The kids used to get to open one present on Christmas Eve. However, I decided to give my loyal readers presents early, one from each of the major pillars of successful blogging, pretty girls, babies and lolz cats.

This is Aishwarya Rai. She won the Miss World contest a few years back, and Bollywood bills her as The Most Beautiful Woman In The World. Loyal readers will know that my heart has already been pledged to The Greatest Collarbone The Baby Jesus Ever Invented, but I am not blind. That is a very lovely smile and those eyes do appear to be more violet than blue.

One does not live on Indira Varma alone, though I am working on it. Also, Ms. Varma is taller than Ms. Rai, which scores extra points in the Matty Boy system.

Still. Sigh.

Next is a picture of my grand nephew Emerson, who I have unfairly portrayed as the head of a syndicate of baby gangstas. He is actually a friendly, happy child who flirts shamelessly. Merry Christmas, Emerson!

And since I have given you two nice prezzies, obviously the third gift is a gag gift, a bad lolz. If the Three Kings had understood this obvious premise of gift giving, the Holy Family would have had to write thank you notes for gold, frankincense and a dribble chalice.

Or is myrrh a gag gift already? I will have to consult my coterie of Biblical scholars.

Anyways, Merry Krimbles 2 youse and yurse!

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FranIAm said...

I remember Lil E... Well I remember a baby gangsta so I just went back and checked and saw the oh-so-PSP-inspired comments from Jess and me. Oh when we were young bloggers, happy and carefree.

What are we today?

(bonus- verification letters nowele! It is the first nowele, right?)

Matty Boy said...

The first no-wele, the angles did say,
To certain poor shepeherdes in fields where dey ley?

Sure, who doesn't remember that?

dguzman said...

Oh, I get it. Now you're having to backtrack on the disclosure about Lil E's mafia ties, since the feds are sniffing around. *wink* Right--he's just a cute baby who flirts a lot, yeah. *wink* No mafia here, no siree.

Matty Boy said...

To be pedantic, I might have said he was involved in gangs, but I never mentioned the Mafia. It might have been the Baby Bloods or the Crib-bound Crips or some other group with no Sicilian connection whatsoever.