Sunday, January 6, 2008

Breaking news: Opinionated old fart approves of young people's fashion trend!

As the weather turned cooler here in the S.F. Bay Area in the fall, I noticed several young women wearing their jeans tucked into their boots. The first few I noticed were little blondes, either high school or college age, bundled up in parkas, looking like metropolitan ski bunnies instead of commuters on BART. As I paid more attention once I noticed the trend, I saw that it wasn't limited to the very young or to any particular ethnic group or hair color. A lot of women under 40 are wearing their jeans tucked into their boots, quite often boots like the ones pictured, brown or tan suede with woolen lining, and if there's a fashion ripple in the Bay Area, it will be shared by women of every race and continent of origin.

While many of My People with Our Agenda have a sub-fetish of interest in women's footwear, most women's shoes inspire in me not lust but pity. I think about what it would be like if men's shoe fashions forced me to put my wide feet in shoes with tiny pointed toes or ridiculously narrow high heels, and I feel pangs of sympathetic discomfort. Not so with the boots women tuck their pant legs. Like the ones pictured, most of these shoes don't have built up heels and look every bit as comfortable as sneakers. The look is not just sensible but sexy, in my never humble opinion, though I'm not sure exactly why. Sure, if the jeans fit well enough to be tucked into boots, 99 times out of 100 they also accent the booty. But for some reason, I'm really liking these boots with the booty more than I like the booty alone.

Is this look sweeping the nation? The planet? Folks from other bio-regions are asked if they have noticed young women wearing such apparel in their locality, and also to weigh in on the trend. Go, you fashionistas, go!

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Tara Mobley said...

Personally, I don't care for Uggs, which is what those boots are called. But then I prefer to wear unisex shoes like Docs and Chuck Taylors.

I am thinking about getting a pair of Uggs to wear in actual snow, since they are snowboots.

FranIAm said...

When Uggs first came out a few years back I remember visiting LA on a business trip. It must have been June and I was startled by how many women were wearing them. HOT FEET.

Now no one at all has ever accused FranIam of wearing madhotsexyCFM shoes, except for perhaps an appropriate moment. Maybe.

Years ago I concluded that the high heels, the pointy toes and all that behind. It is insane.

They can all laugh, it is sensible footwear - usually flat - for FranIam. And no Uggs.

I laud you Matty Boy!

BTW today I had a blogger meet up with the Cunning Runt of Little Bang Theory. He is about 5'4". He was telling me about when he had two women house mates who were 5'10" and 6'3" respectively.

Could have been good blog fodder for you.

One day we will have our meet up too!

pissed off patricia said...

Living in Florida, I don't think the trend will move in here. The one or two cool days we have had this year didn't require us to wear what appears to be small animals on our feet. ;)

dguzman said...

Ugh, I hate these Uggs! I see too many blonde bimbo undergrad types wearing the boots, pajama bottom pants, and a PSU sweatshirt.

Like Tara, I usually wear unisex (or even boys' size 4.5) shoes. I don't wear leather, so it's tough to find good shoes unless I go to a real city or buy online. But I'd rather be DEAD than wear these wanna-be Eskimo mukluks.

jolie said...

OMG matty boy I lurvs me some uggs!

the trend you've noticed is most interesting to me becuz ... my high-fashion college-aged daughter teased me a year ago when, on a holiday trip to NYC, I dared tuck my jeans into my uggs. I did it for practical reasons: my jeans legs aren't wide enough to fit over the uggs, and so they ride up if they're not tucked in.

who knew I'd be so far ahead of my time that I'd be out of style.

not yet in style = out of style, y'all.

FranIAm said...

Apropos of nothing in this post!

Some link love for you Matty.

Matty Boy said...

Thanks to all for the comments here. I didn't know they were called Uggs until first commenter Tara Mobley (mama de Miss BebĂ©, The World's Most Beautiful Granchile™) chimed in.

I can see opinion is widely split on the topic, but my own opinion has not changed. Sensible but sexy, in kind of an apres ski, let's unwrap the prezzies kind of way.