Tuesday, January 15, 2008

I owe someone an apology.

Earlier this year, I made fun of Eli Manning, saying that he really wasn't as good as his older brother Peyton. This weekend, Eli lead his banged up New York Giant team to a win on the road in Dallas, while Peyton's Colts lost a home game where they were favored against the banged up San Diego Chargers.

Eli was originally drafted by the San Diego Chargers, but refused to be signed by them, fearing the organization was a mess. There's precedence for this decision. John Elway was signed by the Baltimore Colts but refused to play for them and was traded by the Colts to the Broncos, where Elway played his entire career and won two Super Bowls.

Personally, I think Elway was right and Eli Manning was wrong. The Colts were a mess in the early 1980's and Elway would have been wasted there. Today's Chargers' organization, which made some mistakes in recent years, most notably drafting quarterback Ryan Leaf, isn't that dysfunctional, as witnessed by their deep run in the playoffs this year.

Eli has a long way to go to be as good as his big brother. Peyton has very impressive statistics and a Super Bowl win. Eli could be on a Super Bowl winner this year, but that would take two upset victories even more difficult than the upset the Giants engineered on Sunday.

The mean comparison I made was that Eli Manning is to Peyton Manning as Ashlee Simpson is to Jessica Simpson. Certainly older brother Peyton's career looks better than his little brother's at this point in time, but Eli has shown himself to a quality quarterback, not a complete stiff.

Does this show of contrition mean I am going to root for the Giants over the Packers this weekend? Oh, hellz no. Take the Packers and give the points. It's gonna be a whuppin'.

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pissed off patricia said...

Being a long time Cowboys fan, and with TO's tears still drying on my face.....I'll just keep my mouth shut. ;)

Matty Boy said...

Both wins this Sunday were big surprises, with every Charger offensive star beat up and the Giants losing their entire starting defensive secondary.

That said, if the Super Bowl isn't Packers-Patriots, it will be a HUGE shock.

dguzman said...

*sobbing quietly*

How fecking embarrassing. I still think Eli's a loser, though.

Much as I hate the Packers, I'm still a Bret Favre fan, so go Packers... I guess... *sob*

Matty Boy said...

I'm more or less rooting for the Patriots, just so the 1972 Dolphins will finally STFU!