Sunday, January 13, 2008

Perfect weather for watching football. On TV. In California.

I like playoff football. What's not to like? The best teams are playing with everything on the line. This year, the NFL has an undefeated team and a lot of people thought that team could lose its first playoff game. (Those people were wrong. The Patriots beat the Jaguars in a game that was close for the first half, but then the Pats proved why they are the favorites to win the Super Bowl.)

But more than the match ups, January football means unpredictable weather. The Packers had a home game, and it was expected it would be a little cold with a little snow. Well, that wasn't a bad prediction for the first half, but a blizzard hit in the second half. The field was covered. Players standing on the sidelines had snow caps on their helmets and shoulder pads. You couldn't make out the line markers. It made a rout for the Packers into a memorable moment.

It was especially memorable if you were watching the game in California. On a comfy couch. With the door to the patio slightly ajar because it's finally nice outside after a week of rain.

Yes, it's a manly test of fortitude, January football.

Do we have any more of those Milano cookies?

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dguzman said...

Reminds me of my days in Texas, when I had warm weather and cable TV.... sigh. I do miss my football.

Enjoy the playoffs, and I hope my Cowboys get to the Super Bowl!

Jess Wundrun said...

Let it snow let it snow let it snow.

Actually, for next week's game the weather will be in the single digits.