Friday, January 4, 2008

Tagged and nagged by a birder

So what, if anything, does Matty Boy do for the environment?

Public transportation? Oh, hellz yeah.

Riding a bike? Sure, when the weather's nice.

Recycling? Those curly fries light bulbs? Check and double check.

So how will I be improving my environmental impact in 2008, asks regular commenter and bird blogger dguzman? This is a good question.

I want to say that much of what I do is very simple stuff. I do it either a) out of habit or b) because I'm a cheap bastard. Here are some of the things on my to do list.

Move closer to work. This environmental impact will actually be minimal, at least for me. BART and the bus run whether my middle aged butt is compressing a seat cushion or not. Still, my roommate is moving to Arizona and I have the fun chore of finding a new place to live. Access to the BART line is imperative, and I'd like to stay in walking distance, just so I'm slightly less dependent on public transport.

Use less energy. One way I'm thinking about doing this is changing my TV habits, mainly by getting rid of cable. This is another of those b) cheap bastard decisions. I'll keep a TV, but I'll use it to watch DVDs from Netflix. There are some shows on basic cable I'll miss, but a lot of them I can watch online if I want.

Eating local foods. Animal activists and vegetarian types talk about how much energy is expended on the raising of animals for food. I think they have the numbers right, but I'm still eating chicken and beef and pork. On the other hand, I need to think about how far some food I eat had to travel to get into my belly. I don't even think about this currently, but when in the supermarket, I'm going to make more decisions about brands I use based on distance from Northern California. There are some exceptions I know I will make, like my beloved Mexican hot sauce, and I'm not going to nuts on price difference. For example, Skyy Vodka is a very nice brand made in San Francisco, but compared to the cheap brands at Trader Joe's, it's crazy expensive. Vodka Of The Gods or Burnett's will be filling my limited vodka needs for the time being.

So, what are all y'all doing? Oh yeah, this is blogger tag! I tag Padre Mickey.

And it's Friday, so it's Random 10 time.

Sensitive New Age Guys Christine Lavin
Train Song Tom Waits
Exit Music (For A Film) Radiohead
45 Elvis Costello
Down To The River To Pray Allison Krauss
4% Pantomime The Band
Isn’t It a Lovely Day? Fred Astaire
Tonight David Bowie (with Tina Turner)
Fade Away and Radiate Blondie
Dust My Broom Elmore James

Christine Lavin shows up in the leadoff spot for a very quiet Random 10. Even though there's a lot of tunes from the rock era, almost no one is rocking out, except for The One True Living Elvis and Elmore James as the closing act.

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FranIAm said...

Impressive and inspiring Matty. I liked reading this and knew that I would, from the moment that Delia tagged you.

Good luck in your apartment search.

I have a house for sale in Nyack, NY and it is about to be priced to move! Well not too convenient to the BART, so I will presume the answer is no.

Matty Boy said...

"Matty Boy" is to "houses for sale" as

a) Hurricanes : Herzegovina
b) Karl Rove : moral behavior
c) Barry Bonds : public sympathy
d) thing 1 : completely unrelated thing 2
e) All of the above

Best of luck on the house sale.

dguzman said...

Good luck, Fran!

Matty Boy--you're so freakin' awesome. Thanks for eating local--it truly can have a BIG impact, the more people who do it.

Nice 10-set, too. Thanks again.

Padre Mickey said...

Okay Dude, I've done my duty.