Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Teen Scream Magazine

So who's the cute kid? This picture was on the front page of Huffington Post last week, though it could also be on Lisa Simpson's favorite Non-Threatening Boys Magazine. HuffPo asked us to guess who it might be, this son of celebrities.

Have you guessed?

The answer is that this is Patrick Schwartzenegger, the 14 year old son of Arnold and Maria. Notice the father son resemblance? Nope, me neither, except that the kid is already nearly as tall as his dad. There's the huge jaw, but mom's got a huge jaw as well. For a resemblance to a Kennedy, I'd say he favors Caroline.

I know a manly man like Ahh-nold would not like to consider it, but I think he should look into the possibility that 15 years ago, there was a really cute, really tall red-headed UPS driver in his neighborhood.

Just sayin'.

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Jess Wundrun said...

Imagine: On one side Grandpa created the Special Olympics and helped form the Peace Corps. On the other side Grandpa was a nazi.

Quite a family tree. Unless your theory is correct, then the other Grandpa probably liked bowling.

dguzman said...

One of the better-looking Kennedy/Shrivers, I think. Maria's gotten a little too lizard-looking.

Matty Boy said...

Kennedys do not always age well, but the young are usually pretty cute.