Sunday, January 20, 2008

They Wouldn't Believe Me™, Vol. 6

Longtime readers will recognize the woman at the left as sign that it's time for another installment of They Wouldn't Believe Me. The gimmick of these posts is that I somehow can send a message back 40 years through time to shock, surprise and amuse folks from that distant era we now call the late '60s. Here are five quick facts from today that might seem counter-intuitive to people from the early Nixon era.

1. Shouldn't any family who wants to give their kids an advantage in school, or just to look like a cultured household, have a nice set of encyclopedias?

Hmm, not so much.

2. Wouldn't a trip to the world's fair be an educational and fun family vacation?

Well... if they still HAD world's fairs, that might be true.

3. Tell me please, future oracle, the American League has given up this awful carbuncle on the rules of baseball they call The Designated Hitter by the 21st Century?

You'd THINK it was a temporary solution, but so far... it's still with us.

4. Okay then, if the A.L. holds onto it, at least the N.L. has followed suit and adopted it, right?

You are now 0 for 4, hypothetical past question asker.

5. Tell me, oracle, tell me that the laws that equate marijuana to heroin have been stricken from the books?

Afraid I'm all bad news for you this time around, buddy.

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dguzman said...

Tell me, oracle, that some machine has been invented to relieve people from the drudgery of housework!

When I was a kid in the sixties, I felt certain that we'd either be dead or traveling in space by now. Came up lemons on those too.

FranIAm said...

Our World Book encyclopedia was our proud possession, the bridge between the working class we lived in and the college that I would one day attend.

And the New York World's Fair in '64, '65. Having it in the 'hood made it accessible. It was pure heaven.

So... that was then.

Matty Boy said...

You're right, dg. No housework robots, no flying cars, almost no monorails. It's a damn shame.

Dear Fran: I don't recommend living in the past, though the rents were much cheaper.

Manuel Delgado said...

They still have World's Fairs... just not in the US. Next year there's one in Spain, in 2010 in China and in 2012 in Korea.

Big bummer for us, but perhaps one day in the next 25 years we'll have one back here...

Matty Boy said...

Thanks, Manuel. I hadn't heard of one in ages. I thought they were big money losers and people stopped having them.