Sunday, January 13, 2008

When's the last time I said something nice about Comcast?

Upon further review, I have never said anything nice about Comcast. It's a cable company. The only more hated corporations in today's market are HMOs.

So let me say something nice.

A couple of weeks ago, Sci-Fi channel had yet another Twilight Zone marathon, and they of course included one of their most famous episodes To Serve Man. Here was the blurb on the Comcast info screen.

"To Serve Man: Allegedly altrustic aliens arrive to alleviate all ailments.

"Keyword: Allegedly."

Okay, they're cable company scumbags, but somebody who works there understands both alliteration and comedy gold.

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Distributorcap said...

comcast cannot be nearly as bad as time warner......

every month my bill goes up - nickel and dime here and there....

Matty Boy said...

The movie Go! has the line, "Oh, he's the good drug dealer."

They're pretty much all the same. The nickel and dime is standard operating procedure.

Karla said...

Evwybody be vewwy quiet, but I just moved and switched from Comcast Triple Play (Phone, TV, and Interwebs) to Interwebs only.

Which was supposed to be $45 per month.

But they're charging me $24. Vewwy quiet.