Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Yo! Five Oh, Five Oh!

Early last month, I decided to track where my U.S. visitors are logging in from, since SiteMeter usually gives the city and state of the visitor. It took until today to get the complete set, when my first visitor from Hawaii checked in.

What was he or she looking for? Miss Elizabeth Kucinich, naturally.

So I now have visitors from all 49 states AND Wyoming, which my father told me was actually a tax dodge, and my father wouldn't lie to me, would he?

As for "Five Oh, Five Oh!" viewers of The Wire will know that this is what the kids on the corner say when the cops show up, as in Hawaii Five Oh. In season four, they also called the police "the po-po".

This is news to you? You don't watch The Wire?


Well, each to his own. Or her own. Whatever.


I'm silently judging you right now.

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jolie said...

mornin' matty boy, re the wire - terrific show.

there's a BBC show called wire in the blood. reviewers compare it with prime suspect and touching evil - i.e., also terrific. have you seen it?

CDP said...

I've never seen The Wire, but my husband's a cop, so I'm familiar with both "po-po" and "Five-Oh" as nicknames for the constabulary.
Congratulations on all 50!

dguzman said...

Please don't judge me harshly, Matty Boy. I don't have TV. And I'm happy for that, especially when I don't have to watch Gomer and Walnuts and Rudy and all the other crazy fucking morons all day.

FranIAm said...

OK. I don't watch it.


(i feel very small right now!)