Monday, February 25, 2008

Boycott GM.

Whatever GM might say in its commercials, the real position of the company is made abundantly clear by the statements of the vice chair Bob Lutz, who recently defended his statement that climate change is "a total crock of shit". This is understandable from him, much in the same way the positions of tobacco executives about the relationship between their products and disease are understandable.

They can be understood as denial of responsibility for the actions of the companies that have made these guys rich.

The science is in. Climate change is real. How much of it can be traced to human action is debatable, but no serious person in the discussion says human action is responsible for 0% of the problem. Anyone who can claim the title of scientist who says anything approaching this is very likely in the pay of the automotive or petroleum industry, just as the "scientists" who denied the smoking/cancer link after the early 60s were all in the pay of the tobacco industry. It's the same tactic; only the issue has changed.

Not every denier of climate change is in the pay of the oil or car industry. Some are just morons with microphones, a depressingly large population in the United States. There's no science in these guys; they wouldn't know the red shift from a bit shift. Some, like Joe Scarborough, are knee-jerk reactionaries. When they hear someone they perceive as a "liberal" say x, it is their first reaction to say "not x!" as loud as they can. Some are like this from birth, or at least from early childhood, due to both genetic and family environmental factors. Others, like Dennis Miller, have become reactionary largely due to fear. September 11 fried Mr. Miller's brain to the size and usefulness of a cinder. He is Bin Laden's fondest wish come true. Terror has turned him into a turd.

Simply put, we are the species that burns the world to keep warm. Whether we burn wood or coal or petroleum products, we produce pollution whose effects stretch beyond our local regions. Not everything we do makes the world warmer. September 11 provided a three day experiment as to the effects of contrails, the proto-clouds caused by jet exhaust under the right circumstances. Without air traffic for several days, the contrails disappeared over the continental United States, and temperatures showed a warming trend not seen in Canada or Mexico over those days, where air traffic was still taking place.

But the many directions of human effects on the environment should in no way let GM off the hook. As is clear from the statements of Bob Lutz and their bullshit ads making Hummer drivers look socially aware or the hot rich chicks driving grotesquely oversized Cadillacs, all they want is your money, and they don't give a crap what happens to the environment when you use their products. It's time for people who believe in the environment as a major issue of our lifetimes to spend their money elsewhere, and help pry GM's greedy hands off the wheel of leadership in their industry.

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pissed off patricia said...

Anyone who denies global warming at this point has the same brain capacity as a freakin' stick. No GM for me, thanks.

Jess Wundrun said...

Just last week GM announced that it would buy out contracts of older workers so that it can hire new workers at half the pay.

Basically, they are union busting and blaming it on sluggish sales. Sadly, if they had decided that global warming was real and got ahead of the curve they could be up to their armpits in new orders, but no. As you said, it's all about the Hummers.

A few years ago when GM began to suck hard they were offering great deals on new vehicles. We looked at buying something but there was nothing appealing in their lineup. And as you may know, I am committed to buying American.

Distributorcap said...

and GM wonder why they have lost billions of dollars.......

i guess Lutz figures his golden parachute is protection enough against climate change

FranIAm said...

Oh Matty, you and your endless preoccupation with like actual facts 'n shit...

All joking aside, this is unconscionable!

I loathe each and every one of these idiots and there is a reason I have not had a GM(or other American) car since 1986.

GREAT post. Thank you.