Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Does advertising work? You damn betcha.

Friend of the blog Splotchy, author of I, Splotchy, has a second blog called Who's In Charge Here? Who's In Charge Here? has a single focus, unlike most of my blog buddies. The idea is that the name and a picture of a band are presented, and people are asked to vote for who they think is the leader of the group. For example, this arty picture is of '90s alternative band Madder Rose. Can you tell who is the alpha dog in this band from just looking at the photo?

This cute idea for a blog was noticed by the folks at Google, and it is for the time being on the Blogs Of Note list, which is the front page for folks who blog, the place where we are directed when we are going to start a new post. The bar chart to the left shows what happened to readership at Who's In Charge Here? after the plug. A few hundred people a month would show up and cast their votes since August. Then in January, close to 4,500 people came to the site, and in February, over 6,600 showed up in the first four days of the month.

In math, this is called a function that done blowed UP!!!

(For those who wonder, the girl in the picture of Madder Rose is the lead singer and second songwriter, but I can't find a picture on the web that authoritatively gives the members' names left to right. I think the guy with the glasses is the lead songwriter. The photographer wanted the pretty guy up front. Go figure.)

Congratulations to Splotchy for this coup. I was moving when this happened, so I'm a little late to the party of congrats. Splotch himself writes that he feels a little like James Mason in A Star is Born, watching his young discovery surpass him with a sound like a bullet zipping by. It will be interesting to see how much residual effect the plug has when the blog leaves the Blogs of Note list, since the list is ten long and the bottom one on the list leaves when a new one is added in. Who's In Charge Here? is currently #3.

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Splotchy said...

Thanks a lot.

"Done blowed up" -- I was wondering what the proper mathematical term for it was :).

After this whole thing dies down, if I could have a core group of 20-25 people that vote on a weekly basis, I would be perfectly content.

Karla said...

I cain't get the pictures to load on either one of my browsers. What gives?

Matty Boy said...

I feel your pain, Karla. The pictures worked on my computer at home (PC), but here at work (Mac), we are pictureless.

I will try to resolve this when I get back home this afternoon.

Matty Boy said...

Karla, let me know if this is any better.

dguzman said...

This is so exciting -- and now I know what to call it: "done blowed up"--I'll definitely figure out a way to work that into my next calc quiz.