Sunday, February 24, 2008

Everyone's entitled to their opinion...

but you are extra entitled to agree with me when I am obviously right.

What Jon Stewart did for Markéta Irglová tonight at the Oscars makes him the Best. Oscars. Host.


He could have chided the people who didn't let her speak the first time, but all he did was bring her back on stage and let her have her say.

She deserved it. If you saw Once, you know that though Glen Hansard is the first focus, the story is nothing without her. She's a wonderful musician and songwriter. They chose the right song to be nominated from the movie, and given that three bad songs from Enchanted were splitting the "we vote for crap" vote, the song was pretty much a shoo-in to win.

The best choice for Best Song is often overlooked. But this time the right one won, and both the people responsible got their say.

Good on ya, Jon. You are one heckuva menschy little Jew, and I say that with love.

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Padre Mickey said...

Well, I thought ALL the songs nominated were crap. Even the song that won is quite boring, IMHO. Movie songs are pop music, but even the hooks in all nominated songs were not quite hooks, more like bent paper clips.

Bollywood films, however, almost always have great songs with incredible hooks. That stuff sticks in yer haid fer days!!!

That said, you're right; what Jon Stewart did was The Right Thing. He is a good man.

CDP said...

That was my absolute favorite moment last night, I was so happy he did that.

pissed off patricia said...

I'm a little lost on this because I didn't watch the show last night. I'm not a movie goer so I had no idea about any of the movies.

Matty Boy said...

Padre: You might like sme of the other songs. Some of the stuff reminds me of Radiohead. I think they went for the feel good song of the lot, not the best song of the lot.

CDP: I iz witchu.

POP: Once is a tiny little movie made for nothing that followed Hansard and Irglova making a recording of their songs. It was the indie hit of the beginning of the year.

Dee Loralei said...

I almost bought that movie last 2 times I was at Best Buy. That was amazingly kind of John to do that, Was one of those perfect human moments that make ya kinda proud of the species.

Padre Mickey, I love Bride and Prejudice and Hollywood/Bollywood.

And Across the Universe was my favorite musical last year. But I'll get Once soonish, with Matty's head's up.

sfmike said...

Yeah, it was one horrible montage after another, with the "Best Picture" winners of the last 80 years being especially embarrassing since so many of them have not stood the test of time, to say the least ("The Greatest Show on Earth," "Ordinary People," "Dances with Wolves," you get the drift.) The musical interruption of Irglova while trying to say thank you was really outrageous, and I shared your applause for Jon Stewart for basically saying eff you to the producers and bringing her back on after the commercial. Plus, her speech was probably the most gracious of the evening.

WendyB said...

I was delighted that he brought her back on.

FranIAm said...

That was indeed a great - a human, moment.