Thursday, February 21, 2008

The Good, The Bad, The Cute Overload: a quick review

I came up with the idea of three types of lolz, the good, the bad, and the cute overload last year, but as a teacher, I know that reviewing a concept always helps keep an idea in mind. A good lolz, by my definition, catches a critter behaving in a completely critter like fashion and puts often misspelled words in his or her mouth to comic effect.

The bad lolz dresses up critters, or puts them in un-critter like situations. Since I call them bad lolz, I must have some objection to them, and I do. But sometimes comedy isn't pretty. This one made me laugh, so I present it here.

And then there's the cute overload. Critters are generally cute, but sometimes a pose can push the cute into the red zone, and just the right caption means the cute overwhelms everything else, so the impulse to laugh strains mightily with the impulse to make baby noises and say "Awww... IZ SO CUUUUUUTE!"

As the hazzing of a doodle is wont to do.

Enjoy. And if you do enjoy, you might want to visit the place where I do all my lolz shopping.

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Splotchy said...

It's official. You are a LOL expert.

Nicely done.


Jess Wundrun said...

I wonder if, in addition to "Talk like a pirate day" there could be "Talk in LOLZ" day.

I wonder if I could make it to 9am without killing someone?

jolie said...

matty boy, were you the one who pointed your illustrious readers to the LOLCat bible translation project?

and as if that's not enough, check out the wasteland with touches of prufrock in LOLZ. personally, I think eliot would love it.

Dee Loralei said...

If Matty is the Lolz expert doesn't that make him the lolzpert?

Talk in LOLz day would be..... I'm lost, but yea Jess is prolly right, murder and mayhem would ensue.

Matty Boy said...

Jolie, thank you for sending the Lolz Bible verses and Lolz poetry translations. I may try my hand at a lolz poem in the near future.

Karla said...

I luvz da lolcatz bible! How cool is dat?

jolie said...

"im in ur schedule, measuring out ur life in teh coffee spoonz."

Matty Boy said...

Nice one, Jolie. I will be presenting a translation of an entire poem from French to lolz pictures on March 1. Stay tuned.

jolie said...

oh fun! and close 'nuff to my birfday for me to call it a prezzie. thank yew!