Friday, February 1, 2008

Making Giant Women Work for YOU!

Since it's a new month, it's time for me to fulfill my contractual obligation and do a post of interest to My People and Our Agenda, which is to say pictures of giant women with 'splainin'.

This month, I have borrowed pictures from the Giantess Shrine website, all of them examples of giant women (or shrunken men) used in print ad campaigns.
This ad is from the 1950's for Arrow Shirts. It implies that if you are a well-dressed man, a giant woman might be nice enough to attach a metal chain to the middle of your back and display you like a doo-dad on a giant charm bracelet.

Look, I'm the target market for this ad, and even I think this is sending the wrong message.

In the 1960's, B.F. Goodrich advertised their radial tires in print and on TV with Miss Radial Age, a pretty and personable colossus who was always glad to see a tiny American muscle car out for a scenic Sunday drive on her personal stretch of the interstate road system.

This ad campaign is fondly remembered by My People of around my age.

In the 1990's, Sprint decided that buying their network solution would be best represented by transforming the information systems manager into ten foot tall titaness, barely able to fit into the tiny elevator at work, startling well behaved Japanese visitors to the company, but by some stroke of luck, still able to buy well-tailored business appropriate clothing ensembles.

This decade, an Italian ad agency decided that the best way to advertise a tiny import car was to have a leather clad gal-gantua come out of her billboard filled with the desire to pluck you and your little car off the road for reasons that aren't clear, and somewhat disturbing for their lack of clarity. Yes, your car is so small, when you go to pick up your girlfriend, instead she will pick you up, and your toy car in the bargain.

Maybe it's just me, but this giantess patrolling the roadways doesn't look as friendly as Miss Radial Age.

Okay, I know. It's not just me.


And since it's a Friday, it's time for a Random 10.

Polovtsian Dance No. 17 Borodin
Goodbye Cruel World (from Oedipus Tex) P.D.Q. Bach
If You Give Me Your Attention (from Princess Ida) Gilbert & Sullivan
Paper Doll The Mills Brothers
Lily Joshua Macrae
This Offer Is Unrepeatable Elvis Costello and the Brodsky Quartet
Walk Right Back The Everly Brothers
I’ll Fly Away Allison Kraus & Gillian Welch
My One And Only Love Rickie Lee Jones
The Man With The Golden Gun Lulu

Though my computer song list is dominated by songs from the rock and roll era, this Random 10 is all over the place with only a smattering of rock artists. Even rocker Elvis Costello shows up with a string quartet, Rickie Lee Jones sings an American standard and Lulu sings a James Bond theme song that I am somewhat embarrassed made the cut from my CD collection to my iTunes software.

On the other hand, I am in no way embarrassed to have a tune from my nephew Joshua Macrae, who has put ten songs up on the iTunes under the collective title Falling Fast Awake, an album of original compositions performed and produced by the artist.

Matty Boy says go to iTunes and check it out!

Yay, Flags of Many Lands™! Yay, Uzbekistan!
What would an Uzbek be doing in such a place? From the page he ended up on, I would say he is one of My People with Our Agenda! Welcome, brother!

p.s. As mentioned yesterday, I'm moving this weekend. It's a short move (San Leandro to Oakland) and if AT&T is telling me the truth, my internet connection should work perfectly as soon as I show up at my new digs. We will see how things turn out. I probably won't post again until Sunday or Monday at the earliest. If I don't make contact here by Wednesday, send out a search party.

Wish me luck.

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dguzman said...

Good luck, my bloggy pal!

Gotta tell ya that the phrase "leather clad gal-gantua" even made ME hot and bothered. Pair that with the hot tight-skirted babe in the elevator, and you might want to watch your mailbox for my application for citizenhip to the country of Your People. Mee-yow!

CDP said...

Good luck with the move! And Uzbekistan? I'm impressed.

Matty Boy said...

Thanks, cdp. I have been neutral in the blogger flareup over Necco Wafers, but the nicest thing I can say about them is that they are not licorice.

I may have mentioned this before, dg, but there are members of Your People (think lavender) who are also members of My People (we haven't picked a color, but as long as it's tiny, we are happy to have it represent us.)

You already have a gigantic child bride, so the entry application should be pretty easy to fill out.

jolie said...

hi matty, good luck with all the dislocation and relocation. are you using the opportunity to get rid of or reacquaint yourself with all the stuff that over time got shoved into the back of your closets and cabinets? (presuming this happened.) very freeing.

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

Gawd I love that Sprint ad. Oh how I'd love to have her yank me into that elevator with her.

sfmike said...

Good luck with the traumatic move.

Distributorcap said...

and you trust AT&T --- that is like trusting giant women

Matty Boy said...

Thanks to all the well wishers.

Dcap, trusting AT&T isn't like trusting giant women at all. Giant women are imaginary and kind of fun. AT&T is very real and no fun at all.

FranIAm said...

Oh Matty Matty Matty- good moving wishes to you my friend.

In the meantime, my blogreading absence has been rewarded by coming here to find the words Uzbekistan and Gal-gantuan in the same post.

Life is very good indeed.

Sergey said...

my dream