Friday, February 29, 2008

The sound of one saber rattling.

Turkey is currently invading Iraq. This isn't some "Oh, no were not" invasion. Ask them and they will tell you. Those are Turkish troops on non-Turkish soil.

If this were Israel invading Lebanon, the international community would be up in arms. For this, not so much. For some reason, the international community has it in their heads that what happens in Iraq is none of their concern and it's the Americans job to clean up any mess that occurs there. I wonder how they got that idea?

So it's up to our new Secretary of Defense Robert Gates, seen here swearing allegiance to his boss while some chowderhead in a bright blue tie acts as a useless appendage, to deliver the message to the Turks that we aren't happy. It went something like this.

Dear Turks:

Don't invade Iraq. Didn't you get the memo? That's our job and we aren't done yet.

Could you give us a time table as to when you'll be done? 'Cause the guys you're killing are kind of our only reliable pals in Iraq and it makes us look bad that we aren't stopping you.

Best to the wife and kids,

The Turks, skilled in the language of diplomacy, have fashioned this reply.

Dear pizza faced midget,

We'll get out when we damn well feel like it. Didn't you get the memo? Time tables embolden terrorists, and that what your only reliable pals in Iraq are. We've got the dead bodies to prove it if you'd like to see them.

Love and kisses,
The Turks

Isn't it great when people use diplomacy to solve problems?

And since it's Friday, it's time for a Random 10.

Ask Me Why The Beatles
Some Are Phillip Glass
Mansize Rooster Supergrass
Wild is the Wind Nina Simone
Spooky Girlfriend Elvis Costello
Tempted Squeeze
Sleep, Forever Madder Rose
Little Wonder David Bowie
Pollution Tom Lehrer
Caravan Van Morrison

We get a double dose of the One True Living Elvis, since he produced the biggest hit Squeeze ever had, and we get a double dose of David Bowie, since the Phillip Glass song is from the Low Symphony, variations on themes written by Brian Eno and David Bowie. Supergrass and Madder Rose are the closest thing to obscure, both good bands from the 1990s. How do I know about them? Padre Mickey turned me on to both those albums. He's a pal like that.


dguzman said...

I hope the irony is not lost on that useless appendage, but let's face it -- probably anything requiring brainpower is lost on him.

Mathman6293 said...

I just don't understand the middle east. Every ethnic group and religious sect claims this land or that in the name of you their version of you know who. Then the killing begins.

Thanks for stopping by the other day. I added you to my blogroll

libhom said...

With two wars and 700+ military bases throughout the US and the rest of the world, our military is stretched too thin to do anything about Turkey's invasion. And, the Bush regime is relying on Turkey for access for arms and other supplies in the US occupation of Iraq.

The rest of the world is afraid of alienating Turkey because it hovers on the fence between Islamic extremism and Western democracy.

Distributorcap said...

the arrogance of this administration is mind blowing.

can you imagine if Turkey said -- dont invade iraq......publicly