Saturday, February 2, 2008

Where my Oaktown homies at?

No time for blogging, but just a note to let my loyal readers know I am safely ensconced in my new digs in the murder capital of the Central East Bay. (The North East Bay has Richmond, which is much more dangerous.) Actually, if little old Chinese ladies can walk the streets of my neighborhood, I guess it's safe for me, too. Unless I'm attacked by gangs of little old Chinese ladies.

Watch out for their shopping bags!

I don't have an Oakland song on my computer, so I use Joe Jackson's version of the wonderfully bombastic Cab Calloway tune San Francisco Fan.

[Actual blogging to follow in the near future.]

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Padre Mickey said...

I was born in Oakland and moved only days later to Los Gatos, or as they say there, Las Gaddas.
I've been on the run ever since.

sfmike said...

Those old Oakland Chinatown ladies are the Essence of Rude Wisdom. Take advantage of it and life will be beautiful.

Matty Boy said...

Thanks to both the Mikes on my comment list, and thanks to my brother Mike who came down from the wine country to help me move on a Saturday that didn't turn rainy until we had finished packing in San Leandro, and unpacking was done in a underground garage, so it's all good.

Now I get to unpack boxes for about a week. Yay!

Matty Boy said...

Oops, I got on a Thank All Michaels kick and left some people out. Thanks to my sister Karla and my siblings' friend Daniel for helping out, too.

Padre Mickey said...

But they're not named "Michael."

Hey, are you close to Chinatown in Oakland? Dere be sum killah restaurants dere!

FranIAm said...

Congrats on bustin' a move Matty!

As for Chinese ladies, many years ago, I got into an accidental tangle with a very short and tiny one (i am only 5' tall myself and she was shorter than me!) on the subway.

I lost.

Matty Boy said...

Yes, Padre, I'm on the southern corner of Oakland's Chinatown. Many are the Dim Sum choices.

I'm also at the southwest corner of Lake Merritt. A ride around the lake on my bike sounds like a fun constitutional when the weather gets a little better.

I'm also about five blocks from the Parkway Theater, which plays second run movie for cheap prices and you can get real food, beer and wine. It's super fun, and my niece Holly lives about four blocks from the Parkway in the other direction.

Too much fun.

CDP said...

I've never tangled with any old Chinese ladies, but old Korean ladies are nothing to mess with either; I know from grim experience. Glad you're settled in!

dguzman said...

Ooh, eat some good Chinese food for me. And CDP's comment is scary; watch your back, Matty Boy!