Sunday, March 16, 2008

Confinin' the whinin'

Next week is Holy Week, and I wanted to keep the whinin' to a minimum. I will try to have positive and funny posts next week, except on Wednesday which is the Iraq War Blogswarm, about which I have nothing positive or funny to say.

Earlier this month, I noted that both the Australian dollar and Swiss franc were rising, and that one of them would likely be worth more than a greenback soon. The winner is the Swiss franc. A Hamilton is worth less than an Euler now. (Two notes: The Swiss now have somebody else on their 10 franc note, but I love Lenny, so I use the old currency picture. Also, Hamilton and Euler were alive at the same time, and in terms of intellect, though I am an American I am also a mathematician, and Hamilton times ten wasn't as smart as Euler.)

Another world currency that has overtaken an American currency is the Japanese yen, which is now worth more than a penny. The yen is one of the few world currencies that doesn't have a smaller denomination, no half yen or quarter yen, so it's better compared to the penny than to the dollar. It was last over a penny in 1994, but a Japanese recession took a lot of value away from their money, and it has been under a penny for nearly fourteen years.

Of course, just because our money is sinking like a stone against multiple world currencies is NOT a sign that we are in recession. Bush said we aren't and we won't be, so there! Who are you going to believe, Our President or your lying eyes?

I've also blogged about this over at The Smirking Chimp. Without the pretty pictures.

Starting tomorrow, I blog about things I like!

As Elvis Costello once wrote, "I don't expect that to last."


FranIAm said...

My computer seemed unwell so I had to mosey on down to the Apple store at the giant mall today.

A Sunday.

Usually Sunday at the mall is a zoo.

Well not only was the mac book sick, but my cell phone had issues, at the mall, so it was off to the Verizon store.

All this long winded preface is to say that while I waited for my devices, I walked around the usually mobbed mall.

My assessment- only the Apple store and the Verizon store were crazy busy and crowded.

The mall was eerily quiet and while I would normally like that, it made me feel ill over what is to come.

Can't we just print us up some money???? Off to the Smirking Chimp.

FranIAm said...

P.S. as I am sure you are sick with worry, the computer is fine and the phone is too, but (this one is for you matty) my blue tooth is dead.

They don't make that blue tooth anymore so they gave me a new one.

Which also seemingly doesn't work.


Matty Boy said...

Bear Stearns is selling at $2 a share, and that is 7 cents on the dollar compared to the price on Friday. Distributor Cap better turn the fan back on, because if we don't have something to stand behind, the shit is going to hit us.

Checked on; gold, silver, the euro, the Swiss franc and the yen are going through the fucking roof, and all of them were already having banner years.

Fran: Glad your electronics proglems were kept to a minimum.

Jess Wundrun said...

My husband subscribes to Forbes. Due to my current reading of "Shock Doctrine" I cannot peruse the pages without finding instances of pure evil throughout.

Where they aren't being evil (last week's cover was of South Africa's first black billionaire. He got his money through the privatization of the mines, where he slashed worker pay in half. In South Africa, the standard of living was actually better under apartheid than now, under the IMF and World Bank dominion) they are being stupid. The editor claims that we can't be headed for a depression because we have such low unemployment. Not even realizing (I guess) that he's quoting a cooked number. Only through not reporting actual unemployment and failing to add to that extremely shaky employment (free-lancers and tenuously self-employed) could that guy possibly make himself believe that our workforce is strenously employed. Sheesh.

Thanks for your updates on the status of the dollar.

Matty Boy said...

Hey, Jess. I agree that so many of the numbers are cooked, it's hard to say what's really going on. I currently teach at three different schools, so I'm more than fully employed, right? Not so much. I now have enough to pay my bills and maybe get out of some of the debt from last year's operations. And then I have the bullshit $14,000 hospital bill I have to pay for finding out nothing was wrong.

It looks like a mess to me.