Saturday, March 29, 2008

Faith, Hope and Charity

How much would YOU pay for 15 hours in a hospital?

Did you guess $17,445.35?

Well, sure, that's what we'd charge your insurance, but since you are paying on your own, we will slash that down to a low, low $13,956.28!

But, wait! You don't make much money? Just to show you what good sports we are, we will give you our charity rate of just $2,714.22. Such a deal!

With the bills for doctors, x-rays, a hospitalist(?) and other incidentals, my personal 15 hour stay cost me about $4,000, or about four months rent! Yay, me!

If I were trying to spend $4,000 in 15 hours, and on my budget there is no way in hell that I would, I could probably fly to Vegas, get a nice room, and hire some young women who, because of their reasonable pricing policies, have NOT met Eliot Spitzer on a personal and/or professional basis.

By the way, the young woman pictured here is not named Faith, Hope or Charity. Who names their daughters Charity anymore?

If I may leave the topic of reasonably priced hookers, I know of a woman who was working as a yoga instructor in Italy when she fell ill and was hospitalized. The cause of the emergency that took her to the hospital was a stroke, but when she was there, tests found that she had cervical cancer. This meant a six week stay in hospital with tests and operations and the whole kit and caboodle to take care of her TWO life-threatening medical conditions.

Of course, she had to pay for this. Nothing in this world is free. The bill for six weeks of life saving care was $360.

But remember, kids, Italy has socialized medicine, and that's bad because it has the word socialized in it.

Enough griping, more flags! Yay, Guatemala! I have finished my second continent in my Flags of Many Lands™ coloring chart and it's North America! (Australia is a continent and a country, so that one was a gimme.) Yes, I now have every country from Canada to Panama on the North American mainland, though I am missing Cuba and several of the tiny Caribbean island nations.


ken said...

But Matt, we have socialized medicine, too. It's called the VA. Doctors who are government employees, working in government-owned facilities at government expense. If any politician proposed doing away with it, all those reliably conservative vets would tar & feather him, and run him out of town on a rail.

What makes single-payer scary to the bigwigs is the thought of losing $350,000,000,000 in potential graft, which is the amount the insurers spend to deny that they ought to have to pay.

- ken

Matty Boy said...

You mean my dad is freeloading off my hard earned tax dollars? Heck, he fought in Korea, and we didn't even win that one!

Why I oughta....

Splotchy said...

I'm sorry to hear about the 4K bill, but happy it's not 17K.

Matty Boy said...

Thanks, Splotch. If they are willing to make a payment program, I can probably get out from under this debt in about a year. At $15,000, I was completely screwed.

FranIAm said...

Deep sigh. Oh Matty. Well I guess there is some comfort in the low, low pricing you got, but it still majorly sucks.

As for that whole pinko, commie, no good, evil socialized medicine thing... where do I sign up?