Wednesday, March 26, 2008

A Flags of Many Lands™ standalone post.

You know the old saying "dig clear through to China?" Technically, since most of us live in the Northern Hemisphere, the actual other side of the world is in the Southern Hemisphere. If a hole were dug straight through the world from where I live, it would come out in the Indian Ocean near Madagascar. Or another way to put it, it would come out near the French overseas department of Réunion! Don't they have a pretty flag? The three vertical stripes represent France, but the rest of the flag is a very cool geometrical pattern.

Why would someone travel all the way electronically to the other side of the world to read my blog? Did you guess "giantess"? If so, give yourself a cookie. (This is being done on the honor system. No cookie for "gigantic child brides".)


FranIAm said...

I have had no shortage of giantess searches leading to my blog and to posts about you of late.

I am not taking any credit for Reunion as I have not had that one, but I am saying that giantess references are helpful around FIA-ville too!!

Matty Boy said...

Giantess spillover! I had no idea my silly little hobby would have that effect on the local blogosphere.