Friday, March 14, 2008

Good news, purty pitchers and one definitive version

I am back online at home. Once again, blogging is a pants optional activity for me.

Knowing how the readers luvs them some Hubbard fambly photos, I turned my sister Karla into a lolz baby. Except for the difference in haircuts, it is very hard to tell baby pictures of me and Karla and Karla's son Eli apart. We were all adorable, but Karla may be in first place amongst the three, being a girl and all.

Not only was Karla a freaking adorable baby, she is also a great finder of the good things on the Internets, including this kick-ass version of Children Go Where I Send Thee by the incomparable Joe and Eddie. The You Tubes wouldn't let this one be embedded so you have to follow the link.

Are you going to follow the link? Children, go where I send thee!


jolie said...

oh that was fun! thanks, karla & matty!
great start to a fine weekend.
I see a little bit o' denzel in joe (the guy on the left is joe?) so maybe we can cast a movie story about these guys.

I'm about fed up with the state of political affairs, things fell to a benchmark low this week, so I plan to keep my nose outta dem papers & newscasts for the next little while. wake me up when it's over, OK?

Karla said...

Wahahahah - me lolzbaby! Sank u!

Another fabulous song by Joe & Eddie is There is a Meetin' Here Tonight. You can link to it from that page at the youtubes.

Unfortunately, it's from this whack movie called Hootenanny or Hullabaloo or some such rot, and J&E are lip synching while these white kids pretend to understand. Just turn away from the screen and listen to the song - it's remarkable.

Padre Mickey said...

Datsa Krimble song an it's Lent.
I won't be goin' dere.

Well, maybe I will.

FranIAm said...

Karla makes a fine Lolzbaby!