Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Here's something I don't understand. (Like THAT'S something new.)

Maybe you heard that CentCom chief Admiral Fallon has resigned (read: been fired.) It was in all the papers. The S.F. Chron had it on page 4. It had NOTHING to do with him being against war with Iran. Who would even think such a thing?

No one involved in the non-firing firing of Adm. Fallon looks as good in lingerie as the woman in the picture. That might be one of the reasons you've heard about the Gov. Spitzer mishegoss and the Adm. Fallon removal... not so much.

Everybody and their monkey has been raking Spitzer over the coals. My take on his position is:

Reservoirs of disposable income + reservoirs of unused sperm = recipe for disaster.

The thing I don't understand is where high priced hookers come from. If I was guessing from looking at Savannah, both her name and her figure make me think she was a well-paid stripper. Maybe the step from stripper to hooker is not that difficult. I honestly don't know.

But a lot of the other women (I took this picture from The Huffington Post, which published more than a dozen women's pictures from the now dead website that the high class pimps ran) have builds that look more like fashion models, very long and lean instead of busty. The story even mentions that in tape recordings, the owners had a problem with the girls who were models because a fashion shoot could go overtime and they would be late for a vagina rental appointment.

I understand why there are low cost hookers. For some it's drugs. For the women from overseas, it's forced labor, modern day slavery. Here in California, many are Korean and are given the disgustingly innocuous nickname "K-bunnies". But why does an attractive woman with good career options decide, "Yes, I'm willing to rent my body out by the hour to disgusting old grease weasels like Eliot Spitzer for $x per hour. Sure, my life will be ruined if it becomes public knowledge, but like, how likely is that? Yeah, I guess I will live with the shame forever, but like... whatever!"

Any of my clever readers think they can 'splain this one to me?


CDP said...

I know, I wonder the same thing. My husband busted a prostitution ring at an apartment complex in Silver Spring a few months ago. We were joking about it, but then he showed me pictures of the apartment and a couple of the women, and I was sad for the rest of the day. They were the oldest-looking 32-year-olds you can imagine, and one of them has a child.

Padre Mickey said...

Um, are these guys paying the big bucks for women with silicon enhanced breasts? That's odd. I'd want the real thing for several thousand dollars.

I guess I no longer share U.S. values; I beed away too long.

dguzman said...

Well, you nailed the low-cost reasons, but for the high-cost reasons, I think it has to be the "easy money" they think they're getting for "ONLY" just putting out. Obviously these girls have no sense of their own value as individuals, so they figure they're winners for making so much cash so "easily."

What I need 'splained is this: Is the penis really such a powerful organ that it makes smart men do such stupid things? I mean, is is IMPOSSIBLE to resist? I just don't get it!

I too heard about Fallon's "resignation" yesterday, and I'm totally freaked out. I've been worried that BushCo would attack Iran and then cancel the November elections--but this really takes my worry up another notch.

Anonymous said...

Power and sex go together and some men love to pay lots of money to women of pleasure because they flat out get off on it. It strokes their egos to do so. I don't get why Senator Craig is still a Senator looking for male sex and a governor of New York has to resign. Makes no sense at all so look for more headlines. I smell a rat!

Matty Boy said...

cdp: The stories of prostitution at the low end are sadder than sad.

Padre: You gots the Lovely Mona. You don't gots the several thousand dollars. Count your blessings.

dg: You're probably right. It's easy to think of only young males making really stupid decisions, but the folly of youth knows no gender barrier.

As for the penis, your mileage may vary. (Not yours in particular, since you are not an owner of a penis, but you get my drift.)

z&m: I agree about Larry Craig. There's also David Vitter in the Senate still. I think the Dems aren't raising hell because they plan to run against them in the Fall, and make McCain answer questions as to why he can't rid the Senate of his party's scumbags.

At least I hope that's their plan!

FranIAm said...

You got me. I live in the state capital, we are awash in this still.

Ugh ugh ugh.

Anyway, he stepped down. GWB and Cheney who commit real crimes, nope they stay in.