Friday, March 7, 2008

Local color from a locale I've never visited.

This mighty statue of a proud warrior can be found on the Philippine island of Cebu, honoring a local hero from many centuries ago. What was the famous thing the warrior Lapulapu did? He killed Magellan.

Yes, the Filipinos would like to remind you not to bring that weak circumnavigating the globe shit into THEIR house. Woot!

I was brought up in a time when the Age of Exploration was taught in grade school as Entirely A Good Thing, though I have since learned many other facts to put that interpretation in question. My first reaction to the explorers from that era is that they were brave guys, though many were greedy, and unless they had lots of soldiers and killed lots of locals, like Pizarro did with the Incas or Cortes did with the Aztecs, I give them the benefit of the doubt. I certainly feel that way about Magellan.

But of course, I wasn't brought up on the island of Cebu. Maybe I'd feel differently if I read the third grade textbooks they are given as schoolkids.

And it's Friday, so we get a Random 10.

Love For Tender Elvis Costello & The Attractions
Don’t Go Yaz
Hey Ya! Outkast
Red Rain Peter Gabriel
The Weight The Band
One Love/People Get Ready Bob Marley & The Wailers
Come Away With Me Nora Jones
Never Like This Before William Bell
Baby It’s You The Beatles
It’s My Fault, Darling Professor Longhair

This is the first appearance of Nora Jones on a Random 10, and I bid her welcome. Everybody else has shown up before. I like a blues tune where the lyrics admit that the singer might be somewhat responsible for the troubles they are facing, so Professor Longhair gets the word on this one. It's a song where a guy apologizes for breaking in on his woman and another man. It contains this deathless verse.

If I'd known you had company, baby, I would have waited for my lunch,
If I'd known you had company, baby, I would have waited for my lunch,
The man was twice my size, and I do believe he was packing a Joe Louis punch.


pissed off patricia said...

Ah, I remember the first time I heard Nora Jones. We were in a martini bar and that song came on. I had to find out who was singing it. I bought the cd the next day.

dguzman said...

Jones does have a lovely voice. I remember seeing her on that first TV concert after 9/11, and she looked so freaking shy and nervous to be on TV! I fell in love with her then.

Back to your post, I was taught history and political science the same way you were, Matty, and The Kat, who's 12 years younger and MUCH more aware, just laughs at my sometimes naive views of the world. I try hard now to question and look at all sides.

Karla said...

Those Cebu Islanders are still pretty fascinating.

Have you seen the youtube vids of the prison dancers?

Here's the original, Thriller, with one of the transvestites at the prison playing the girl's role:
and here's a funny one of the Canon in D, rock style:

Apparently, the prison was severely overcrowded and pretty awful. The men weren't exercising, and the warden thought that maybe choreographing giant dances would give them an excuse to get outside.

NPR has said it's been a big success.

Suck on that, Magellan.