Saturday, March 8, 2008

A rebuttal from the(so-called) Canada geese.

Last month, this blog made comments about the local fauna in my new neighborhood of Lake Merritt in Oakland, including noticing many Canada geese that appeared to be resting for a while during migration. This note appeared recently, and in the interest of fairness, we have decided to print it in its entirety.

Yo, homeslice! Maybe you noticed, but it's mid March and we're still here, eh? Maybe you got it through your thick human skull that we kind of like it here and we aren't going anywhere.

You humans are so stuck up, you think we call each other Canada geese, eh? My name's Rudy, and my girlfriend is Jeanette. You're so smart, eh, you know what the state bird of Utah is? The California Gull. So you guys get to name us and we get to go where we please. How's that for a deal, eh?

We even started picking up the lingo, eh? It's hella fresh in Oakland.

To reiterate, I like it here and my girlfriend likes it here, so there's not much point in migrating any farther, is there now?

Oh, I forgot. You wouldn't know, eh? You don't have a girlfriend.



FranIAm said...

Personally I don't like the tone that the bird took with you.

Just my opinion.

Matty Boy said...

I agree, Fran, but in fairness, I started it.

dguzman said...

I'm glad someone finally decided to give equal time to the other side of this whole argument! Well played, Matty Boy!

The "Canada" geese around my place have all started speaking Pennsylvania Dutch.

Matty Boy said...

Canada geese speaking Pennsylvania Dutch?

Take care of thee and watch out for those English.