Thursday, March 20, 2008

A Thursday lolz interlude

This picture of inter-species tranquility is dedicated to my friend Steve C., who like the dog in the picture, haz a weezel, or to be more precise, a ferret.

As you might recall, ferrets are creatures for which Rudy Guiliani has a deep and abiding hatred, much like he hates terrorists and voters who actually look at his record and his known associates.

But, if you give them a chance, ferrets can be playful and affectionate companions, and like any pet, can make the owner as content as the dog in the picture.

For clearly, this dog is content. As the hazzing of a weezel is wont to do.


Maggy & Zoey said...

As animal lovers 'n animal bloggers, we really like this.

Matty Boy said...

thanks, m&z. I loved the construction and sound of the sentence "As the hazzing of a doodle is wont to do" from a few weeks back, and I saw the chance to do a variation on a theme.

Variations on themes is kind of like Hamburger Helper of Humor.