Sunday, March 30, 2008

TV quiz congratulations and clean-up

Let me once again post the quotes from Thursday's quiz, along with the show they were from and the folks who got the answers right.

My sister Karla got the most right answers. She has known me the longest and knows best how my disturbed mind works, such as it is.

[a] “Pace yourself, buddy. You're drinking with longshoremen tonight!”
The Wire [Karla]

[e] “Not exactly the speech on St. Crispin’s Day.”
“We happy few. We band of buggered.”
Buffy the Vampire Slayer [Karla]

[g] “You can thank my dental hygenist for our untimely aliveness.”
The Tick [Karla]

[j] “No one listens to Zathras.”
Babylon 5 [Karla]

[k] “A little song, a little dance, a little seltzer down your pants.”
The Mary Tyler Moore Show [Karla]

[p] “White people love Wayne Brady because he makes Bryant Gumbel look like Malcolm X.”
Chappelle's Show [Karla]

With the next most right answers is the person who has known me for the next longest period of time, Padre Mickey.

[b] “I’ve threatened you, I’ve beaten you, God forgive me, I even tried to reason with you.”
The Simpsons [Padre Mickey]

[m] “You know what I’d do if I caught you gambling again, Basil.”
“You’d have to sew them back on first.”

“What was that you said?”
“Nothing, dear, nothing.”
Fawlty Towers [Padre Mickey]

[n] “The comedy stylings of Vic Hitler, Jr.!”
Hill Street Blues [Padre Mickey]

With one right answer each, there's Tara Mobley, Splotchy, FranIAm and Jolie. Nice work, all of you.

[c] “My days of not taking you seriously are definitely coming to a middle.”
Firefly [Tara Mobley]

[h] “With God as my witness, I thought turkeys could fly.”
WKRP in Cincinnati [Splotchy]

[o] “I love fruit salad!”
“If you love it so much, then why don’t you marry it?”
“All right then. I will!”
Pee Wee's Playhouse [FranIAm]

[l] “You know, that Kim Novak had some big breasts.”
Hint: Running gag dealing with guest star Teri Hatcher.
Seinfeld [Jolie]

These quotes went unidentified. All of them are from long running and/or critically acclaimed shows, but I think I made them a little too tough.

[f] “You don’t mind me callin’ you Montana, do you?”
Hint: Only one person called the character in question Montana. And he died.

The speaker is Keith Carradine as Bill Hickok, speaking to Timothy Olyphant as Seth Bullock. The loss of Hickok as a character in the first season is of course historically accurate, but I missed seeing him. Carradine was great. The show still stayed at a very high level and was not lacking for terrific characters, but there was no one quite like Bill Hickok.

[i] “I used to hear them argue about his idiot brother. I thought she was talking about you.”
Hint: Man is talking to his uncle.

The Sopranos.
Junior tells Tony that he had a developmentally handicapped uncle named Ercole (Italian for Hercules), who had been sent to a live in a home and Tony had never seen. Tony is thinking back to arguments between his dad Johnny and his poisonous mother Livia.

[d] “There is no fire like passion. There is no shark like hatred. There is no snare like folly. There is no torrent like greed.”
Hint: First season of a long running show.

Law & Order. The line is from a two-part episode entitled "The Torrents of Greed", where Stone goes after a dapper don clearly patterned on John Gotti. It's spoken by a guy who is a witness to a beating. The witness is supposed to be a crazy homeless guy, but he's more poetic than crazy. Being Law & Order, the guest cast is terrific. The best known names are Bruce Altman, a terrific New York stage actor who makes TV appearances on many shows, and Christine Baranski.

I have the first season of L&O on DVD, and I highly recommend it. The shows were longer back then, 46 minutes instead of 44, and this means that TNT will either have to cut or speed up the older shows to air them as re-runs. The thing is, good TV shows are already cut to the bone, and losing scenes means important plot lines have holes.

The talent pool in New York is and was incredible, and the list of actors who make guest roles in the first season includes a lot of people who would either go on to star in TV shows or become movie stars. There's one episode alone where three small roles are played by Gil Bellows, who later goes on to Ally McBeal, Phillip Seymour Hoffman and Samuel L. Jackson.

Besides the acting talent, the director of photography duties are split between Constantine Makris, who became the D.P. for most of the run of the show, and Ernest Dickerson, who was D.P. on a lot of Spike Lee's early work, then became a director in his own right. It's easy to spot a Dickerson episode. If some flat surface shines like it's made of neon, Dickerson is behind the lens.

Matty Boy says check it out. And kudos again to Karla, Padre Mickey, Tara Mobley, Splotchy, FranIAm and Jolie.

Whoo, that's lotsa 'splainin'! Glad it's a Sunday.


FranIAm said...

I knew that my obsession with PeeWee's Playhouse would pay off some day.

This was quite informative, and as I often find myself - I am in awe of Karla's knowledge. She is one smart sister o' bloghost Mattyboy.

And I agree with you completely and am so glad you put in that bit about L&O and the early years of the show.

In fact I sit here in the fair NYC, in a Starbucks (convenience) waiting to meet up with Dcap.

Karla said...

Ah win, ah win!!!

What do ah win?

The "no fire like passion" speech, sez the Google, is actually from the ancient Buddhist sacred text, the Dhammapada.

Matty Boy said...

Karla wins the undying respect of the readers of Lotsasplainin! And for using the Google for that quote, she impresses her big brother with her Buddhist and Interwebs knowledge!

Cash? Get in line behind the hospital, hon.

Padre Mickey said...

Perhaps she could Win an Appliance from the Wonders of Science!

dguzman said...

Karla sure wins my respect, and Matty Boy wins even more of my respect than he already had, because he loves him some Law and Order. Best show on TV -- EVAH!

The Kat and I are already obsessed with watching Buffy episodes on DVD; if we got L&O as well, it's entirely possible that Kat and I would never leave the house again.