Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Anybody else having trouble with Gmail as of yesterday?

Nothing hypothetical about this question. I use both Blogger and Gmail from Google, which are packaged together and are free. Since most of my blog buddies have "blogspot" somewhere in their websites address, I know that they use Blogger, and so I assume might very well also use Gmail.

As of yesterday, April 14th at around midday Pacific time, getting to Gmail has been very difficult for me. Other webpages are loading fine, including other e-mail accounts from other sources, but getting to Gmail has been hit or miss, with my computer going into what looks like an infinite loop trying to complete loading the webpage info from google.com. I have been able to get to my e-mail a few times since the troubles began, but it's less than a 50-50 proposition right now, and it doesn't matter if I'm using my computer at home or another computer at work.

Anybody else?