Saturday, April 19, 2008

CPB's and blog buddies as well.

Padre Mickey posted this picture of Miss Bebé, the World's Most Beautiful Grandchile™ this week, and I promised to make a lolz of her.

As I have said before many times, Padre Mickey is a CPB (Close Personal Bud) as well as a blog buddy, and we have know each other for about twenty five years.

Today, I got a comment and a link from somebody else I've known since the 1980's, videogame designer extraordinaire and fellow Scumbag Rob Fulop. When I told stories about Rob and the others back around Christmas, I had a picture of him with a beard, but these pictures of the cleancut and personable Rob Fulop are the way I remember him best. Rob himself is a blogger these days, and puts up stories about the old days from time to time. I know these will be of interest to Splotchy and others. He is also added to my blog buddy list.

If I were going to compare my career in videogames to 80's musical acts, I would say I was about as important as Kajagoogoo or maybe if I was being egocentric, A Flock Of Seagulls or Haircut 100. On the other hand, I hung out with guys who were as important in our field as The Clash or Genesis was to the music of the day, and Rob is definitely in that league.

Nice to hear from you, buddy!

Yay, Flags Of Many Lands™! Yay, Uganda! Someone came here all the way from Uganda because of a picture of Padme Lakshmi. Can you blame this person? I certainly cannot.


FranIAm said...

Hey hey hey- speak of the band that recorded Love Plus One with a little more respect. I think of them with great fondness and you too.

Kajagoogoo- maybe not so much!

Uganda, nice.

And great LOLZ, that child is honestly too cute.

Matty Boy said...

This was no disrespect to Haircut 100, but artistically and commercially, they were a notch below the very top, and guys like Rob Fulop were at the very top.

If I were comparing myself in the math field to baseball players, I'd say as a mathematician, I'm at the Shooty Babbitt level, but as a math teacher, I'm probably comparable to Rick Reuschel.

Splotchy said...

Thanks for the info and the link!

Karlacita! said...

I forgot how adorable Rob Fulop was.

But I see that he didn't!!