Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Double pander Tuesdays... at no extra cost to you!

The start of my most recent fit of pandering was putting up a picture of Natascha McElhone for the "red blooded American male" contingent, and I speculated that my lavender friends wouldn't be hatin' on it either.

Dguzman, lavender spokesperson, said she preferred French newsreader and low flying angel Melissa Theuriau.

Friend of the blog Jonnieb asked "So, where's the French reporter? Side by side comparison is real pandering."

Okay, Johnnie, here you go! I found similar pictures of the two women, taken outdoors and of a "candid" nature, like by paparazzi or fans. I will let you, my faithful readers, decide which you prefer. Good sport that I am, I'll let you take first pick and I will console the "loser", as if either of these lovely women would have me.

To give you an idea of the popularity of Melissa Theuriau on the internets, if you go looking for pictures of Indira Varma, Google image search will gladly send you here, and you also have the opportunity to head over to Dr. Monkey's blog. If you're looking for Natascha, I am one of the top 20 choices, on the front page. If you are looking for La Belle Melissa, this blog isn't in the top 200. I'm a l-o-o-o-o-o-o-n-g way from the front of the line, and I've even given her a label, for pity's sake!

Oh, cruel fate! When I go to all the trouble to pander! Twice in one day!


1 comment:

dguzman said...

I may faint.
That French woman is the juiciest piece of juicy fruit I've ever seen.