Thursday, April 24, 2008

Hillary and the Hypothetical Holocaust.

Before the Pennsylvania primary, ABC's Chris Cuomo asked Hillary what she would do if Iran attacked Israel with nuclear weapons. She said in effect that if Iran got nuclear weapons and if they launched them against Israel, we would "totally obliterate Iran".

Wow. One beer and one bump, and she's starting to grow a pair.

Let us say, hypothetically, that I had a superpower. A really cool one. The power to enter someone's mind for a minute or two and do some thinkin' for them. I would love to have entered Hillary's mind when Cuomo asked that question, in the guise of my alter ego, hypothetical question asker.

Hypothetical question asking Hillary: Let me ask you this, Chris. Does Iran have nuclear weapons?

Chris Cuomo: Not currently, senator, but let's say in the future...

Hypothetical question asking Hillary: Does Israel have nuclear weapons?

Chris Cuomo: Yes, but back to my question...

Hypothetical question asking Hillary: Let me ask you, Chris. In a fight between Superman and the Hulk, who would win?

Chris Cuomo: Those are fictional characters, senator, and they inhabit different fictional worlds.

Hypothetical question asking Hillary: So, my question is completely hypothetical, and yours isn't?

Way back when, in the olden days when there were more than a half dozen Democrats running for president, the only guy who got less respect from the press than Dennis Kucinich was former senator Mike Gravel from Alaska. During one of the many, many debates, he said, "Some of the people on this stage frighten me."

You know, senator, in hindsight, you may have been onto something.


Karlacita! said...

I'm going with the Hulk because Superman is a dick.

dguzman said...

God how I wish you had this superpower and could get into all these people's heads--to strike back at the MSM idiots when they ask these assinine questions. They've been allowed to ask worse and worse questions for so long that now they've just become ridiculous. And no one dares question their questions.

Except you, mah brutha.

Dusty said...

I love this post..I really do.

Bear in mind that I am not as easily amused as I appear. ;)

Matty Boy said...

Karlacita: You say "Superman is a dick" like it's a bad thing.

Given that Superman can fly, I figure the worst he can do is draw, unless he stays around to get beat up so bad he can't fly. Hulk will consider it a win, of course.

dg: It's nice to be appreciated, even for hypothetical super powers.

Dusty: with your twitching tail and squinting eyes, one can only hope that you are more amused than you appear, because when a cat acts like that, the cat is PISSED!!!

Nice to have you on board in any case.

Dusty said...

Now now Matty..sometimes cats are ready for playtime when they exhibit those tendencies ;)

Gawd knows I have enough felines to recognize that! ;p

Anonymous said...

Do you think, as I pray, that there could possibly be a plot to draft Gore at the Convention, seeing how neither candidate is getting good numbers for the general election? I can't believe the Democrats are left with two half pints.