Monday, April 14, 2008

I wuz only gonna make a couple...

but like Spider Solitaire or Goldfish Crackers, making lolz is a hard habit to break.

Quick show of hands: How many people here read Princess Sparkle Pony? Yes, I thought as much. Yes, me too, every day, natch. But every Monday, the Princess does a weekly roundup over on Wonkette, and sometimes Mondays get busy and I miss this. After all, it's a roundup of stuff from her daily blog and I read that... well, daily!

But if you missed today's roundup, you missed this wonderful photo-op from last week! A bunch of grateful Afghanis, free from the tyranny we helped overthrow, gave our Secretary of State a paperweight. Yes, that's right, a paperweight! As the Princess herself wrote, what do you want to bet they picked it up at the airport?

I love the two guys on the far right of the picture.

Guy at far right: "Psst! Dude! I don't think she's really that into it."

Guy next to him: "Dude, shut up and smile. They're taking the picture."

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dguzman said...

That picture is priceless--a true statement of how the people in our occupied territories really feel about us.