Friday, April 4, 2008

It can't be a recession! I still have a job.

What are these jackasses laughing about? Your guess is as good as mine. I saw this picture over at Princess Sparkle Pony and added my own caption over the lolz builder at I Can Has Cheezburger.

I think that's enough plugs for websites massively more popular than my own. Just trying to do my bit for our economy.

It's my sad story that when the economy takes a turn for the worse, usually so does my employment situation. That's changed to some extent since I got in the ed biz. Right now, I have just about as much work as I want. I don't just have one job, I have two if you count paychecks, and three if you count immediate superiors I answer to. I work at two schools, Laney in Oakland and Berkeley City College that are part of the Peralta Community College District, so just one check, which is nice. Also, because I work enough hours combined at the two, they chip in for my health insurance. Yay, health insurance!

Technically, recession is two quarters in a row of negative GDP growth and that hasn't happened yet. The thing is, the gummint numbers are not to be trusted. For the past 20+ years we have had the "core inflation rate", also known as How To Steal From Pensioners, and for at least that long, the employment numbers have ignored folks who don't have jobs when the unemployment checks run out. I know some of those folks. As to the GDP itself, it gets released one month, then revised twice in the next two months, then it's time for a new number for a new quarter. Yay, bullshit numbers!

A new number this month is job growth, or should I say job shrinkage. We need about 140,000 to 160,000 created to keep up with the number of people who enter the workforce. This months' number is that 80,000 jobs disappeared! Poof! Unemployment numbers climbed a little as well.

The stories I worry about right now deal with the crap the airline industry is going through. The rise in crude oil is squeezing the airlines hard, and that doesn't look to be easing anytime soon.

The oil industry, on the other hand, no need to worry about them, is there? Everything's coming up roses! An oilman is president, an oilman is vice president and there's an oil tanker named after the secretary of state. Things going well for the oil industry and shitty for the rest of us? That's just coincidence. Only a conspiracy theorist would even mention this.

Look over there! Angry black preacher! And over there! Expensive hooker! And there's American Idol! What about that crazy Paula and that mean Simon?

There's news you can use!

Friend of the blog Distributor Cap (feel better, buddy) often writes well focused rants on the state of the economy. A while back he was hatin' on the $600 present each of us is going to get from Uncle Sugar real soon now. I was having breakfast with my Rock Ribbed Republican dad last month, and he thought a good way for the Feds to spend money we don't have to improve the economy would be a public works program to repair infrastructure.

Sounds a little... commie to me. How about you? My father seems to have failed to grasp that you are supposed to start out as a Commie and become more and more conservative as you get older.

Further evidence that those who share the most DNA with Matty Boy are a little... funny.

You know. Funny in the head.


Friday means Random 10 time!

Tom Waits
Prashanti Ravi Shankar & Philip Glass
I Can’t Get Started Billie Holiday & Lester Young
Misery The Beatles
Rocking Horse Road Elvis Costello
Sophisticated Sissy Rufus Thomas
I Should Be Allowed to Think They Might Be Giants
Sean Flynn The Clash
It’s My Fault, Darling Professor Longhair
Time Is Tight Booker T. & the Mgs

It's ampersand madness here at Lotsa 'Splainin'! Ravi & Phil, Billie & Lester, Booker T. & the MGs. Also visits from Tom and Elvis, always glad to see them, the four lovable moptops, The Clash being as not punky as they ever got, Rufus Thomas trying to start yet another dance floor craze, They Might Be Giants being nerdy just the way I like 'em, and down to New Orleans for a little quality time with Fess, the nickname for Professor Longhair, which of course is a nickname already.

You have to be pretty cool for people to give your nickname a nickname.


ken said...

Hey, Matt,

There's an interesting read, and an even more interesting chart, at
that provides even more evidence for those of us who are following your dad's reality-based economic evolution to the left. Yeah, I do mean me.

- ken

FranIAm said...

Deep sigh.

Well - let me say, I am glad that you have work to do and health insurance. I truly am glad about that!

I heard that jobs number early and almost lost my balance. Sheesh.

Padre Mickey said...

Dude! Synchronicity! Rocking Horse Road showed up on my shuffle ten today, también! And I don't even LIKE the song!

So cosmic, man.

Karla said...

Yay health insurance!!


Dee Loralei said...

Yay health insurance! Wish I had some. Yay! Two Memphis music icons on the list! Rufus and BookerT &MGs!

Matty, how much you wanna bet, next month, last months job losses will be reported to be even bigger than now?

Matty Boy said...

Let me add another yay! for the health insurance. Much more important now that I have passed the half century mark.

I do love some Rufus, and I did a whole post about Time Is Tight, which I think is about doin' the smooooooth nasty. Try to prove me wrong.

As to what next month's numbers are, I'm a much better 'splainer than predictor. I believe in my dad's circle o' life view of the economy, where the money moves around from consumers to producers to employees, who become consumers and the cycle starts again. The problem I see is that right now, some greedy people are grabbing too much each time the wheel spins round, and the most notable are the oil companies and the finance companies, and nobody's doing shit to stop them.