Thursday, April 3, 2008

Old fart from the future schools idealistic young man.

Here's a brief installment of the series I call They Wouldn't Believe Me, where I, Matty Boy from 2008, send a message back to folks in the past to astound and amaze them.

In this installment, present day me may be as equally amazed at the past as those from thirty years ago would be about the 21st Century, and I send back only one main fact instead of five or ten. Moreover, I send the message back to one particular person in the past instead to a wide audience.

That one person is me, or at least the version of me that existed in the late seventies.

It has been brought up on this blog, and Padre Mickey has mentioned over at the Dance Party, that I was a registered Libertarian for a time. This political infatuation meant that I did not vote for Jimmy Carter in 1976, though I did vote for him in 1980. (The only winning candidate for president I have ever voted for is Bill Clinton. Twice. As I was fond of saying in the 1990's, I'd rather have a president in whom I am disappointed instead of one who completely disgusts me.)

The main reason I was a Libertarian was that I felt the Democrats did not go far enough in reining in the assault on civil liberties that were the hallmark of the Nixon administration. I also thought the drug laws were pretty stupid and the Democrats weren't getting out in front on that issue either, so idealistic young Matty Boy was a Libertarian.

Young Matty Boy! Future self here!

Take a good look at Senator Frank Church, the guy who runs a little something called the Church committee. The Church committee set about the task of investigating decades of harsh practices of the CIA and the FBI. His work caused laws to be changed and practices such as torture, experimentation on prisoners and military and domestic surveillance to be outlawed.

You think the Democrats aren't tough enough when protecting civil liberties? Get in a time machine, come forward thirty years and tell me that to my face. I will laugh at you, ha, HA!

Those are bitter laughs of dismal experience, young man, if you didn't get that from the context.

Also, young Matty Boy! Frank Church, liberal firebrand, hailed from the great state of Idaho! Yes, Idaho! What kind of senators hail from Idaho today? I'd tell you, youthful version of me, but alas, you wouldn't believe me.


FranIAm said...

I am weeping in a way that only the truth inspires.

CDP said...

I haven't been voting for quite as long, but I also have voted for losers in every presidential election (starting in 1984) except for 92 and 96.

dguzman said...

An excellent post. Church really kicked some ass back then, as did many dems. Remember Sam J. Ervin during the Watergate hearings? He was a total bad-ass. I long for those days before the corporatocracy.

Matty Boy said...

Good old Sam Ervin! He was the first "simple country lawyer" I ever saw, and I have been impressed ever since.

Also, Barbara Jordan! If God is female, God sounds like Barbara Jordan! If fact, if God is male, God should probably try to sound like Barbara Jordan.

Jess Wundrun said...

I've got a worse one:

I voted for McCain in 2000. (VA primary).

I feel

Karla said...

I was young and crazy and voted for Anderson, and was so astonished and horrified that ANYONE would vote for Reagan that I left the US for a while, and didn't vote again for another 10 years.

I remember walking around SF after the Reagan win as if I were in a nightmare. It was just heartbreaking, and I couldn't account for that many Americans being hornswoggled by a very poor actor.

Black Tuesday in 2004 brought it all back! Ugh.

jolie said...

hi karla - your astonishment & horror at the election of reagan is VERY like what we democrats in texas went through upon the "election" of the chimp .... of course, that horror was rather more widely felt, since he didn't actually win in 2000.