Sunday, May 11, 2008

Adopting another Actor: Chiwetel Ejiofor

Matty Boy! Didn't you already adopt an actor of African descent, brilliantly understated, excellent in film and on stage, good looking and versatile?

Why yes I did, hypothetical question asker. Is there some official limit?

This very good looking young man is Chiwetel Ejiofor. The pronounciation is Chew-it-ell Edge-ee-o-for, though I have also seen his last name phonetically written as Edge-o-for. He is now being called Britian's First Black Movie Star, but I'm not sure that's accurate. He is usually part of an ensemble cast instead of the lead. He was the quiet and brilliantly scary bad guy in Joss Whedon's Serenity. He was one of the revolutionary group leaders in Children of Men. He was also in Love Actually, Kinky Boots, Amistad, Inside Man and Dirty Pretty Things.

I made the decision to adopt him after reading about his stage work, which has been in New York and London, so I haven't actually seen it. He was in The Seagull in London as Trigorin and it was a huge success, both financially and critically. In New York, he played the lead in Othello, and critic John Lahr gave him a glowing review in The New Yorker. If I may translate the review into lolz, it would go something like this.

All the other Othellos.
Ur doin' it rong.

So I officially put a third actor on the Lotsa 'Splainin' adopt an actor squad. I do so with the premise that if somebody is going to be The Best Actor Of His Generation, we the general public should be able to pronounce his name.

It's Chew-it-ell Edge-ee-o-for. Some websites say his nickname is Chewy, but in interviews he says he doesn't like that. Chew-it-ell it is. Or Mr. Edge-ee-o-for, since we haven't been properly introduced.

And admit it, Matty Boy! Don't you have a man crush on him?

Okay, hypothetical. You're right. I gots the man crush. Little bit.


Splotchy said...

Congrats! And what's not to crush about?

Coincidentally, I just read an interview with your adopted actor at the Onion's AV Club.

Anonymous said...

Chiwetel Ejiofor DOES NOT like to be called Chewey! I am a Chiwetel Ejiofor fan and I have read interviews where he has said that he does not like to be called Chewey. It is not hard to pronounce his name when you learn it. Thank you.

p.s. I love Chiwetel!!!

Matty Boy said...

Thank you, anonymous Chiwetel fan. I have changed the post to reflect the information.