Friday, May 16, 2008

For my sister Karla

Her favorite Sandra Boynton card on her birthday. Many happy returns, honey!


Friday means Random 10!

Lady Marmalade LaBelle
Memphis, Tennessee The Beatles
I Must Be In Love The Rutles
Reet Petite Jackie Wilson
Caldonia Louis Jordan
We Don’t Care Kanye West
Leave Glen Hansard
Share What You’ve Got (But Keep What You Need) William Bell
… Dust Elvis Costello
Lost In The Supermarket The Clash

Well, if you want to get a party started, you hand it off to Miss Patti and she'll get it done. How ever you feel about disco, when she hits the big vibrato on "Creole Lady Marmalaaaaaaaaade!", you are on the dance floor. We have the classic Beatles/Rutles hand off, we go way old school with Jackie and Louis, then a couple of songs from this century to show I'm not a complete old fogey.

But if we are going with the best lyrics in this set, well, The One True Living Elvis is always hard to beat. Here's the bridge from ... Dust.

Here comes the juggernaut
Here come the poisoners
To choke the life and land
And draw the joy from us.
Why do they taste of sugar
When they are made of money?
Here comes the Lamb of God
And the butcher's boy, Sonny.


Karla said...

Yay Birthday Me!!



Matty Boy said...

Luvs ya right back, hon.