Friday, May 23, 2008

Hypothetical question asker... breaking up the band?!?

Hey, everybody, how ya doin'? You know me, right? Hypothetical question asker?

So lately I've been thinkin'... why don't I start my own blog?

I mean, really... who runs this blog? This guy? What, you think he's oh so clever and he only acts like a doofus now and then?

You call that acting?

I could do this, right? Isn't it obvious that I'm the glue that holds this thing together? All I gotta do is ask a few questions and everything will start rolling, right?



So why isn't anybody answering my questions?



So maybe I haven't thought this all the way through?


Hey, Matty Boy! It's a Friday, isn't it? Don't you have a Random 10 or something?


Yes, I do, hypothetical, thanks for asking. Glad to see you're still on the team.

That Old Black Magic Louis Prima & Keely Smith
Biology Joe Jackson
Reconsider Baby Eric Clapton
Gia Il Sole Dal Gange Cecilia Bartoli
My Lover’s Prayer Otis Redding
Where’s My Everything? Nick Lowe
The Big Picture The Wonders of Science
Out Come The Freaks Was (Not Was)
Real Men Joe Jackson
Done Somebody Wrong Elmore James

This one jumps around a lot, but if there's a theme, it's the under-appreciated acts from the 1980s, which has to include Joe Jackson, a really terrific songwriter. We also have Nick Lowe and Was (Not Was) that can be included in the category, and The Wonders Of Science, if I do say so myself. The single we recorded, The Big Picture w/My Only Desire, was definitely the most polished stuff we ever put on vinyl.

The second theme in this ten is responsible blues singing! Yes, both Eric Clapton and Elmore James put forward the hypothesis that all the hard luck and trouble they have seen all their born days might have something to do with less than wise decisions they themselves have made.

Who'da thunk?

Good question, hypothetical! Who'da indeed!

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Distributorcap said...

louis prima and keely smith

you are reminding me of my father playing his 78s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
when i was a kid