Monday, May 12, 2008

If you really care about this guy...

You can't vote for him for president. The job will kill him.

I'm much more a 'splainer than a predictor, but John McCain is 72 years old now. The oldest president we ever had at his first inauguration was Ronald Reagan at 69. Some may want to canonize him now, but he was showing signs of senile dementia long before he was officially diagnosed. Margaret Thatcher wrote that his need for having things written on 3x5 cards was pathetic. His defense for Iran-Contra was that he was an old man who forgot stuff.

Second oldest president at inauguration was William Henry Harrison at 68. He died within weeks of inauguration.

Third is 65 year old James Buchanan, the president before Lincoln. Historians agree he was worse than useless.

There were two presidents who were 64 at their inauguration. Zachary Taylor died a year into his term. The other 64 year old was George Herbert Walker Bush. To be fair, the problems he had did not have much to do with age.

But McCain is eight years older than Bush the Elder was when he took office, and as Indiana Jones cleverly said, "It's not the years, it's the mileage." McCain is not just 72 years old. Six of those years were spent malnourished and tortured. See his victory salute in the picture above? That's about as high as he can raise his arms. Physically, he's in a world of hurt. As for his famous temper, that is a symptom of post traumatic stress disorder. Of all the slurs thrown at him by Bush and his team in 2000, the one that rings true is that six years in a prison camp have made him too unstable to be president.

I do not say this to mock his service. War is hell, and being held prisoner by a country that doesn't uphold the Geneva Conventions is among the worst hells imaginable. It would be nice if we could convince Dick Cheney and the people who work for him of this fact, but obviously we can't. The saddest fact of all about McCain 2008 is that he supports our country committing torture on prisoners. If anyone ever walked away more ignominiously from a principled stand, I can't think of who it would be. Even Peter denying Jesus three times did it under fear of death. What does McCain fear as he agrees to put other men in the torture chair? Not getting elected? Losing campaign donations?


There was a time after September 11 when I thought of all the people who ran in 2000, McCain would have been the best choice for the job in those circumstances. My friends, that day has come and gone. McCain 2008 has about as much in common with McCain 2000 as Godfather III has in common with the first two films.

Now he's just sad. To his credit, he's the tallest of the midgets the Republicans put up this time around, but that's really not good enough. We can't let him be president. If it doesn't kill him, it will kill us.


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dguzman said...

Great 'splainin', Matty. I wonder if McCain supports torture now as a way to get revenge, even if it isn't on his actual torturers. The guy's completely unstable, so it might make "sense" to him.

I wonder how long he'd last in the Oval Office. My prediction: maybe a year, then a massive heart attack. Of course, they've somehow been able to keep Cheney "alive" (I use the term loosely; he's alive in the sense that vampires are alive), so who knows what they'll be able to do for McAncient. Borg assimilation, anyone? Resistance is futile.

dguzman said...

And note that Cindy is biting her lower lip in that shot; probably wondering if he'll call her a c*nt tonight, or just pass out.

Matt said...

I was having this conversation with my mom the other day about McCain's "senior moments". She said that I didn't understand what it was like to get old, that little things like that happen.

I said, "Mom, were not talking about you losing your car keys. Were talking about the leader of the country forgetting who our enemies are."

She said she didn't think it would be a problem. I think this is going to be a problem. McCain is going to win all the AARP crowd.



Anonymous said...

I don't think AARP are that stupid, senile maybe, but a little forgetfulness may help this election, especially if they forget to vote. But you speak the truth. He's too old and the Bush swift boaters got that message across loud and clear to Junior could get the nod. If you vote for McSame you better take a real close look at his VP. That's the next President.

Matty Boy said...

Thanks to everyone who commented. My position is that we have to set the frame for this election at the grassroots. It's not going to be week after week of Jeremiah Wright. Maybe only a few hundred people will read this, but let it be a place to start the conversation.

I'm not in love with the McSame nickname. There are differences between McCain and Bush, probably the best will be that Cheney won't be vice president. A vote for McCain is a vote against a woman's right to choose, so there they are the same. He wants to stay in Iraq till the last drop of oil is sucked out or the last drop of blood leaves an American soldier, so they are the same there. But I think it's possible to frame McCain as worse than Bush in several important categories.

I realize Obama has weaknesses as a candidate. All candidates do. But he gets to go head to head with old, cranky, forgetful John McCain when we are going through a crap time economically and two wars without end, all three of which can be traced directly to Republican policies. Add to that a party that protects its closeted gays almost as well as the Catholic church does, and you have a gigantic disconnect between the party and the base.

2006 was not a fluke. It's time for us to take to the field as winners, and kick these GOP losers' candy asses HARD!

I has spoken.

sfmike said...

It's going to be an outrageous landslide, and I'm waiting for some serious ass-kicking and even a few trials in Den Haag for the war criminals who have been in charge for the last eight years.

Unfortunately, the Dr. Strangelove maniacs who are still in charge are fully planning on bombing the hell out of Iran before they leave office, and at that point all bets are off about everything. We could be looking at the end of humanity and none of these people really give a shit. Pray.