Thursday, May 22, 2008

My condolences, for what they are worth.

On the Huffington Post this week, Alan Alda wrote about beauty. Older, wiser, more famous than I am, probably a better writer, too, Alan Alda wrote that if it doesn't make you stop in your tracks, it may be pretty, but it's not beauty.

For me, Natascha McElhone is beauty. In The Truman Show, when she smiled at Jim Carrey, I wished with all my heart that she was smiling at me.

The news this week is that Ms. McElhone is pregnant and working in California, while yesterday, her husband died in London.

There are three sorrows I can't imagine. Losing a baby. Losing a mother during childbirth. Losing a husband while pregnant.

Often, when I post pictures of pretty girls, I make silly comments somewhere in between my emotional age of a schoolboy and my chronological age of a dirty old man.

Today, I offer my condolences, as someone who knows he can't imagine what it's like.


Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

I saw that news and my heart went out to her. It's got to be devastating for her and her kids.

FranIAm said...

Oh my- that is awful. So truly sad in so many ways.

CDP said...

Oh, that is indescribably awful. I can't imagine.

dguzman said...

Oh my gosh. Wow. That is so sad.

Distributorcap said...

my heart goes out to them --- how truly sad