Friday, May 30, 2008

The perfect crap storm.

Our men and women in the military now find themselves in two different nasty situations, and they can thank George W. Bush and his Republican allies for both of them.

The first and most obvious nasty situation are the wars that Bush doesn't know how to end, which at minimum keeps the soldiers and sailors away from their family and loved ones for extended and indefinite periods of time.

As if that wasn't bad enough, military families are being disproportionately hit by another idea Bush championed but did not think through, the ownership society. Bush touted the increase in home ownership under his administration, conveniently ignoring the predatory practices of the financial sector that made those good looking but unsustainable numbers possible. Bloomberg reports that foreclosures in military towns are running at a rate three to four times the already very bad national average.

I could say more about the misery brought forward by Republican rule this decade, but the best thing I can say about it is I'll be glad when it is over.


Friday means Random 10!

You Don’t Know Me Ray Charles
Look Back In Anger David Bowie
Almost Blue Elvis Costello & The Attractions
You Murdered Your Father (from Oedipus Tex) P.D.Q. Bach
Just As I Thought William Bell
Crazy Little Thing Called Love Queen
Nelson Mandela The Special A.K.A.
The Masochism Tango Tom Lehrer
There’s a Place The Beatles
A1 On The Juke Box Dave Edmunds
Bonus track:
Feeling Good Nina Simone

I'm Matty Boy and I approve this Random 10! It jumps around a lot, as has to happen when both P.D.Q. Bach and Tom Lehrer show up in the same ten songs.

As funny as those two guys are, the biggest chuckle I get from this set of songs is when I listen to Nelson Mandela and think of a bit Eddie Murphy did as a James Brown impersonator setting up a small demonstration to Free James Brown all those years ago.

Murphy: Free James Brown! Free James Brown!
Female passerby: What about Nelson Mandela?
Murphy: Let the Eye-talians worry 'bout their own!

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Padre Mickey said...

Ah yes, that was from Soul On Ice: The James Brown Story on Eddie Murphy's summer special What Is Alan Watching? one of the best things he ever did. I loved the scene with James Brown walking through the prison showers singing This Is A Man's World.

Hardly anyone watched that show, but from what I understand, everyone watches that American Idol thang. To hell in a handbasket, baby; to hell in a handbasket...