Saturday, May 17, 2008

Well, I've booked my next vacation!

A dear friend of mine and obviously one of My People, who shall be referred to here as The Curator, has an extensive collection of old sci-fi and fantasy mags. The idea of giant women being found on tropical isles or in undersea kingdoms or on planets far away shows up a lot on these pages. This is from a story called "Drummers of Daugavo", published in 1943.

Besides being a tropical island filled with girls Just My Size, I'd be tempted to visit just to answer the many mysteries presented by this cover. First, what exactly are those breast plates the girls wear? Given how big they are, they could just be old Studebaker hubcaps bought in bulk and painted up pretty so the ladies don't all feel like they're wearing the same outfit. Second, how come they don't fall off?

So many questions, and no one to 'splain it to me. Oh, bitter irony!